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ELECTRIC TABOU - The Darker Sides Of Sirius Volume 1!

Electric Tabou - The Darker Sides Of Sirius Vol.1 (5th/6th Feb.08) midnight

Now Its Dark presents the first Issue of The Darker Sides Of Sirius Volume 1:
5th/6th February 2008 at midnight

1)DIAMANDA GALAS"Deliver Me From Mine Enemies"(LP/"The Divine Punishment"/
2)WARNING"Why Can The Bodies Fly"(LP/1982)
3)ZODIAC MINDWARP"Prime Mover"(12"-Version/1987)
4)PINK FLOYD"Run Like Hell"(2xLP/"The Wall"/1979)
6)RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY"Happy To See Me/Temptation"(LP/"Blow"/1989/
Beggars Banquet)
7)PSYCHIC TV"Eve Of Destruction"(12"/1989/Temple Records)
8)ART OF NOISE"A Time To Fear(Whos Afraid)"(LP/"Whos Afraid Of The Art Of
9)CABARET VOLTAIRE"Premonition"(LP/"The Voice Of America"/1980/Mute)
11)XYNN"Schooldays"(LP/"Computed Man"/1980)
12)THIS MORTAL COIL"Fyt"(LP/"Itll End Up In Tears"/1984/4 A.D.)
13)LYDIA LUNCH"Smoke In The Machine"(EP/2006/WordsAndSound)
14)AND ALSO THE TREES"Prince Rupert"(LP/"Farewell To The Shade"/1989/Normal)
15)CARRIE NATIONS"Sweet Talkin Candy Man"(LP/OST/"Beyond The Valley Of The
Kleinen und die Boesen"/1980)

17)FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD"Rage Hard"(12"/Broad Mix/1986/ZTT)
18)HUMAN LEAGUE"The Sound Of The Crowd"(12"/Complete Version/1981)
19)BEN ET BENE"Few Day"(LP/V.A./"Contre Coeur"/2007)
20)JOHN FOXX"Systems Of Romance"(LP/"The Garden"/1981)
21)GRACE JONES"Living My Life"(12"/1982)
22)HOLLYWOOD BEYOND"Whats The Colour Of Money?"(12"-Mix/1986)
23)HOHOKAM"Harlequin Tears"(12"/Long Version/1985/Numa)
24)JESUS & MARY CHAIN"Blues From A Gun"(12"/1989/Blanco Y Negro)
25)FRANK ZANDER"Nick-Nack-Man"(LP/"Wahnsinn"/1975)
26)BILLY IDOL"Catch My Fall"(12"/Remix Fix/1985)
27)IDEAL"Eiszeit"(LP/"Der Ernst des Lebens"/1981)
28)ROBERT GOERL"Charlie Cat"(LP/"Night Full Of Tension"/1984/Mute)
29)DEVO"Uncontrollable Urge"(LP/"Q:Are We Not Men? A:We Are Devo!"/1979)
30)END RESULT"Better Half"(LP/"Ward"/1985)
31)MISSION"Serpents Kiss"(LP/"The First Chapter"/1986)

32)JOACHIM WITT"Sonne hat sie gesagt"(LP/"Silberblick"/1980)
33)CYBOTRON"Clear"(12"/Original Version/1983)
34)JOHNNY WARMAN"Searchlights"(LP/"Walking Into Mirrors"/1981)
35)GARY NUMAN/TUBEWAY ARMY"Fadeout 1930"(EP/"Volume 2 - 1978/1979"/
Beggars Banquet)
36)RONNIE URINI & THE LAST POETS"A Thousand And One Arabian Nights"(LP/
"Child Of Sunrise, Creature Of The Moon")
37)PLAY DEAD"Conspiracy"(12"/1984/Clay)
38)PJ HARVEY"50 Ft.Queenie"(EP/1993)
39)PUMP"The Hammering Stops"(LP/"The Decoration Of The Duma Continues")
40)TIK AND TOK"Screen Me Im Yours"(12"/1984/Survival)
41)GODLEY & CREME"Cry"(12"/Extended Remix/1985)
43)LILLI BERLIN + ZELTINGER"True Love"(12"/Total deutsch/1983)
44)AND ALSO THE TREES"Anchor Yard"(LP/"Farewell To The Shade"/1989/Normal)
45)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Catwalk"(12"/Long Version/1988)
46)PLACEBO"English Summer"(LP/"Sleeping With Ghosts"/2003)
47)BLONDIE"In The Flesh"(LP/1977)

D.M.S.R. By Sirius&Darktunes...