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Wake up
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Sendung vom 23.02.2008 11:00:

WAKE UP with stuard - zu gast: RockMISSes

"Two girls from Vienna who were born as RockMISSes and
tend to spend most of their time at gigs, festivals,
parties and are living & breathing music.

Up to some proper RockMISSes-action, we have a simple goal:
to promote and support the rock scene in Vienna and all
around Europe."

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Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Loney, Dear "Your Time's To Come"
Interpol "Obstacle 2"
Killed by 9Volt Batteries "How To Mute Ourselves"
The Duke Spirit "Send A Little Love Token"
You Animals "Kid Fear"
British Sea Power "Down on the Ground"
The Fashion "Like Knives"
Mando Diao "Song For Aberdeen"
Eels "Saturday Morning"
Duné "John Wayne vs. Mary Chain"
Rilo Kiley "Portion of Foxes"
The Donnas "Friends Like Mine"

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