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Freedom of thinking and expressing

Interview from 29th February 2008 with Ivana Marjanovic, curator of the exhibition "Exception / Contemporary art scene from Prishtine". By Nino Jaeger.

The exhibition "Exception / Contemporary art scene from Prishtine" at Kontekst Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia) was scheduled to open on 7th February 2008 (and to be on display until 15th February 2008). The curators were forced to close the exhibition just before the opening after an organized group of Serbian nationalist forces attacked the galery space and destroyed Dren Maliqi's work "Face to Face".
The exhibition is an important project by the young generation in Serbia who is willing to see, discuss and understand historical and current relations between Serbia and Kosova.
The curators insist on the right to present the project in Belgrade in the near future.

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