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Special Edition

Strictly Jimmy Cliff Music- old and new songs

Happy Birthday Bongo Man!
Jimmy Cliff has just had his 60th birthday this month
Nuff reason to play 90 minutes a sellection of his songs from the 60s till today

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

All Songs by Jimmy Cliff
Bongo Man (Give Thanx/Warner Bros)
Vietnam (Many Rivers To Cross/ Trojan)
Going Mad (Follow My Mind/Warner Bros)
Many Rivers To Cross (Higher And Higher/Island Universal)
Who Feeels It Knows It (Follow My Mind/Warner Bros)
Stand Up And Fight Back (Give Thanx/Warner Bros)
Give The People What They Want (Give The People What They Want/Wea)
Satan´s Kingdom (I´m The Living/Wea)
Piece Of The Pie (The Power And The Glory/Columbia)
True Story (Breakout/JRS Rec)
Save Our Planet Earth (Save Our Planet Earth/Musidisc)
Majority Rule (Give The People What They Want/Wea)
Shout For Freedom (Breakout/JRS Rec)
Super Bad (Journey Of A Lifetime/Island)
I´m In All (Humanitarian/Eureka)
Rebel In Me (Save Our Planet Earth/Musidisc)
Samba Reggae (Breakout/JRS Rec)
Crime (Higher And Higher/Island Universal)
Terror (Black Magic/Artemis Rec)
Drifters (Humanitarian/Eureka)
People (Black Magic/Artemis Rec)
A Higher And Deeper Love (Live 93/The Magic Collection)