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Roots Edition

... New Release Round-Up ...

Fresh Roots-Releases on this Roots-Edition of Ackee & Saltfish:

*** Jah Seal - Itopia
*** Marlene Johnson - My Kind O' Smoove
*** Aldubb - Dub Files 01., 02. and 03.

Plus: Your favorite tunes from Morgan Heritage, Alborosie, Michael Rose and many more... and last but never least: Meet Lamin aka DJ Simplicity!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Morgan Heritage - Raid Rootz Dance (VP)
Alborosie - Rastafari Anthem (Greensleeves)
Morgan Heritage - Brooklyn & Jamaica (VP)
Mikey General - Tell It Like It Is (M)
Michael Rose - A Little Bit More (M)
Jah Seal - Itopia (Irieland Music)
Jah Seal - Itopian Dub (Irieland Music)
Marlene Johnson - Cool Down Dub (VeloscitySounds)
Marlene Johnson - Cool Down (VeloscitySounds)
Marlene Johnson - I'm In Love (VeloscitySounds)
Marlene Johnson - Control Me (VeloscitySounds)
Jah Seal - International Criminal Dub (Irieland Music)
Jah Seal - Heart Of The Forgiver (Irieland Music)
Jah Seal - On The Mend (Irieland Music)
Aldubb - Bigger Time (One Drop Music)
Aldubb - Perfect Dub (One Drop Music)
Aldubb - Chalice Dub (One Drop Music)
Aldubb - Soundwarriors Dub (One Drop Music)
Aldubb - Mother Earth (One Drop Music)
Aldubb - Roll With You Dub (One Drop Music)