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Sendung vom 30.08.2008 18:30:

Special Edition

A tribute to Joseph "Culture" Hill - 90 minutes strictly music from Culture

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Culture- Where The Tree Falls (Pay Day/Ras)
Culture- Two Sevens Clash (Two Sevens Clash/Shanachie)
Culture- They Never Love In This Time (Cumbolo/Shanachie)
Culture- Behold (Harder Than The Rest/Shanachie)
Culture feat Count Ossie And The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari- No Sin (Trod On/Heartbeat)
Prince Far I feat Joseph Hill- Message From The King (Roots´n Culture/NSCD)
Culture- Money Girl (Culture At Work/Shanachie)
Culture- Lion Rock (Lion Rock/Heartbeat)
Culture- Peace And Love (Culture In Culture/ JMC)
Culture- Life (Three Sides To My Story/Shanachie)
Culture- Freedom Time (Wings Of A Dove/Shanachie)
Culture- Blood A Go Run (One Stone/Ras)
Culture- Trust Me (Trust Me/Ras)
Culture- Why Am I A Rastaman (Humble African/Heartbeat)
Culture- World Peace (World Peace/Heartbeat)
Kenyatta Culture Hill feat Joseph Hill- Wickedness In The Ghetto (Pass The Torch/Tafari)
Culture- Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion (Two Sevens Clash/Shanachie)
Culture- Forward To Africa (Lion Rock/Heartbeat)
Culture- Capture Rasta (Culture In Culture/ JMC)
Culture- Selector (Three Sides To My Story/ Shanachie)
Kenyatta Culture Hill- Daddy (Pass The Torch/Tafari)
Culture- Holy Mont Zion (World Peace/Heartbeat)
Kenyatta Culture Hill feat Joseph Hill- Pray Dem Off (Pass The Torch/Tafari)