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Sendung vom 13.12.2008 18:30:

Dancehall Edition

Dedicated To Christoph Moser - Rest In Peace!

As one of the most important supporters for the Austrian and German Reggae scene died on the 2nd December, this Ackee & Saltfish show will be dedicated to Christoph Moser.

The whole Ackee & Saltfish crew wants to say thank you for several years of good cooperation and for a great supporter of the music we all love!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Black Rhino - Dare To Dry (Soul Seeka Riddim / Chimney Records)
Senile feat. Shenko - Gun Nuh Have Mannaz (Soul Seeka Riddim / Chimney Records)
Kimoe & Harris - Clap Ya Hands (Danchallfieber Vol.3 / DHF)
Thai Stylee - Geld (Dancehallfieber Vol. 4/ DHF)
Ede Whiteman - Legt Eure Waffen nieder (Dancehallfieber Vol.3 / DHF)
Maxim - Energie (Danchallfieber Vol.3 / DHF)
Cheesevibes - Use Your Brain (Hop & Drop / DHF)
Spectacular - 50 Push Ups (Find Yourself / DHF)
Perfect - Rasta Rebel (Giddimani / DHF)
B-Seiten Sound - Rubik's Cube (Du kannst nicht tanzen / DHF)
Benjie - Ich Will Tanzen (So Gesehen / DHF)
Sizzla - Crucial Time (Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems / Greensleeve)
Tarrus Riley - Lion Paw (Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems / Greensleeve)
Romain Virgo - Mi Caan Sleep (Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems / Greensleeve)
Beres Hammond - I Feel Good (A Moment Of Time / VP)
Beres Hammond - A Moment Of Time (A Moment Of Time / VP)
Beres Hammond - Cry No More (A Moment Of Time / VP)
Nazarenes - Lets Chill Down (Rock Firm / Heartbeat)
Nazarenes - I Wanna Shout (Rock Firm / Heartbeat)
Nazarenes - Your Time Is Up (Rock Firm / Heartbeat)
Batch - Come Whatever (Vizionary / Itation Rec.)
Batch ft. Pressure,Ras Attitude - Wicked World (Vizionary / Itation Rec.)
Batch - Vanity (Vizionary / Itation Rec.)