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HOUSE NATION - The June Programm Vol.3 Ft.BILDPLATTE!!!

HOUSE NATION - The June Program Vol 3. Ft.BILDPLATTE(17th/18th June 08) midnight

This time again a little more technoid and minimal...and as a special Guest we invited BILDPLATTE, who will bring us his self-composed tracks for forthcoming parties...

1)ORB"A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld"(12"/Bucket And Spade Mix/1989/Wau!Mr.Modo)
2)ELEKTROCHEMIE"Caiti"(5xEP/V.A./"5 Years Of Get Physical"/2007)
3)HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP II"The Last Contact"(12"/33+Version/Overdrive)
5)INVASION USA"Invasion Chicago"(12"/1992/PrivateBeats)
6)STEPHAN HILL & KOLJAH"Stoebbejazz"(EP/"Fett Cash"/2007/Vidab)
7)LOPAZZ"The Fact"(5xEP/V.A./"5 Years Of Get Physical"/2007)
8)INNVERVISIONS Presents STEFAN GOLDMANN & AME"Sleepy Hollow Version"(12"/
9)ROBERT HOOD"Down Town"(EP/"Monobox"/2002/Logistic)
10)HEINRICHS & HIRTENFELLNER"Burschikos"(EP/"Travel To Me"/2007/Lordag)
11)NORTHERN LITE"Dancing With My Demons"(12"/Boon Remix/2007/1stDecade)

12)LINDSTROM Presents:PLAGUE THE KID"Jodleknappen"(EP/BearEntertainment)
13)LUCIANO PIZZELLA"How To Contact"(EP/"Public House"/2007/Italic)
14)MARKUS LANGE"Ruhestoerung Plattenbau"(12"/Oxia Remix/2006/CraftMusic)
15)ND"Verstehen Sie Bass"(12"/Microfon-Simple)
16)OXIA Vs.GINO SNAKE"Seven"(12"/Oxia Rework/Norotrious-Elektro)
17)ROBERT BABICZ"Milos Groove"(12"/2007/Systematic)
18)OFFPOP"Randomized XYZ"(EP/"Randomized"/Jeremy P.Caulfield Mix/2007/Typical)
19)MUSIK GEWINNT FREUNDE(12"/B2/KontaktMusik)
20)SEBASTIAN ROYA"Compression"(12"/Rekleiner Remix/2006/Connaisseur)
21)MARGOT Meets THE MELODY MAKER"Torch"(12"/Main Mix/2005/Re-Vox)

22)SAVAS PASCALIDIS"Discotheque"(EP/V.A./1998/KurbelRecords)
23)SEXPRESS"Mantra For A State Of Mind"(12"/The Baby Ford Experience/1989/
24)A HOMEBOY, A HIPPIE & A FUNKI DRED"Total Confusion"(12"/Confusion Mix/
25)ORTHODOX CHAPTER 1"Basis Based On Bass"(EP/"Mantras"/80 Aum Records)
26)GRAFIT"Fragile"(12"/Cassino & Laben Rmx/2007/Stadtwald)
27)MR.STATIK"Howling Mummy"(EP/"Check The Sun"/2007/Octopus)
28)M.A.N.D.Y."Put Put Put"(5xEP/V.A./"5 Years Of Get Physical"/Toby Neumanns
Old2NewSchool Remix/2007)
29)RUFFNECK Ft.YAVAHN"Move Your Body"(12"/Mousse Ts Deep Dub/1996/Masters
At Work Records)
30)JESUS LOVES YOU"Generations Of Love"(12"/10 Glorious Years Edit/1989/
31)THE DEVILS"Come Alive"(2xLP/V.A./"Headman Dance Modern"/Tiga Remix/2004/

1)UTILITIES(Live Fluc März 2004)
2)NEUTRON(Demo 2004)
3)RUSH(Live Edit 2007)
4)BRÄCKLING(Beatmix 17.06.2008)