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HOUSE NATION - Holy Garage Vol.2...

HOUSE NATION - Holy Garage Vol.2(8th/9th July 08) midnight

And now the second part of HolyGarage - The History Of GarageHouse with some Classix, ChiTownHouse and even Progressive...

1)BLACK MAGIC"Freedom(Make It Funky)"(12"/Color 1 On & On Strong Vocal Mix/1995/Re-Issue/StrictlyRhythm)
2)KEVIN AVIANCE"Din Da Da"(2x12"/Cevin Fisher Mix/1997/WaveMusic)
3)JASPER ST.CO.Ft.LITTLE LOUIE VEGA"Till I Found U"(12"/Main/1999/BasementBoys)
4)"Lift Him Up"(12"/Fr Church Mix/2008/RawTuneCut007)
5)JEREMIAH"You & Me"(12"/1998/Grow!)
6)RHYTHM N SPICE Ft.NIRO"Movin On"(12"/JM Deep Dub/1995/Interstate)
7)DEEPSWING Ft.BRIJAI HARVEY"Listen To My Power!"(12"/Rob King & Steve Bacas
Insomnious Mix/2008/GenerateMusic)
8)FRANKIE KNUCKLES Ft.ADEVA"Too Many Fish"(12"/Morales D-Max Mix/1995)
9)OPEN HOUSE Ft.PACE"Seven Day Weekend"(12"/Motor City Mix/1990/NuGroove)

10)VISUAL Ft.BARBARA TUCKER"Bring You Love"(12"/Visual Epic Klub Mix/1997/
Strictly Rhythm)
11)ROMENTERTAINMENT"The Pressure"(2x12"/Deep Sensation/MBG)
12)LIQUID CITY"Givin My All"(2x12"/a Higher Dub/1994/TribalAmerica)
13)DaMIX"Push(Its Alright)"/THANDO"Lets Do It Right"(LP/V.A./"History Of House
Music Vol.2"/1991/BigShot)
14)AFRIMERICAN COALITION"No More Weeping"(12"/African Mix/BigBeat)
15)LIL LOUIS"French Kiss"(EP/"The Complete Mix Collection"/Innocent Until Proven
Guilty Vocal Remix-Relayed/1989/FFRR)
16)ANI"Love Is The Message"(12"/Next Mix/1994/Prescription)
18)KEY TO LIFE Ft.KATHLEEN MURPHY"Find Our Way(Breakaway)"(12"/Club Path
20)JUNGLE LOVE"Love Juice"(12"/1995/S.O.D.)

21)MOON LIFE"Dancing In The Spirit"(12"/M.A.S.Violently Dub/1998/StrictlyRhythm)
22)LENNY FONTANA Presents CAROLE SYLVAN"Everything You Do"(2x12"/Kevin Yost
23)RAIN-A LIL LOUIS PAINTING"Give It Up"(12"/MAW Club Mix/2000/KingStreet)
24)M&S Ft.ROBBIE CRAIG"Special"(2x12"/Special DM Remix/1995/PWL)
25)WAMDUE KIDS"Dreams"(EP/"Deep Dreams"/1995/AcadiaRecords)
26)ANGEL MORAES Ft.BASIL RODERICK"Heaven Knows(I Cant Understand)"(12"/
Secret Knockers Vocal Thrill/1995/EBU)
27)RAW OXYGEN VOL.3"Class"(EP/"The Blue Nipple"/1995/OMW)
28)DIGITAL SOUL Presents"Aint No Place"(12"/Soul Catz Vox/1997/ShelterRecords)
29)THE 208 SESSIONS"The L Track"(12"/1995/Tumblini)