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HOT DISCO NIGHTS - The August Collection Vol.1:

Hot Disco Nights-The August Collection(5th/6th August 08) midnite

And now sis & bro again 4 weeks of DiscoSpecials especially as an hommage for paris...
paris by is burning!!!

1)MUSIQUE"Keep On Jumpin"(12"/Disco Version By Francois K/1978/Prelude)
2)POUSSEZ!"Come On And Do It"(12"/Spec.Disco Remix By Roy Thode/79/Vanguard)
3)NITE SCHOOL"Do You Speak French"(12"/Spec.Pour Disco/1978/AVI)
4)FRANTIQUE"Getting Serious"(12"/Long Version/1979/Phil.Int.)
5)DEE D.JACKSON"Fireball"(12"/Long Version/1979/Jupiter)
6)LIGHT EXPRESS"Panther Mix"(12"/V.A./Spec.Disco Mix/PM001)
7)FEVER"Pump It Up/Fever Rock/Over The Edge"(LP/1979/Fantasy)
8)ORLANDO RIVA SOUND"Disc Mussorgsky"(LP/"Body To Body"/1978)
9)"I Want Your Love"(12"/Hello Kenny Edit By Tangoterje/2008/Supreme)
10)SHAKE"Parce Que Je TAime"(7"/1977)

11)EDDIE TOUR"Devils Gun"(12"/Re-Edit/East End)
12)LINDA CLIFFORD"If My Friends Could See Me Now"(12"-Version/1978/Curtom)
13)PIERRE BOHE"Nina Does It The French Way"(12"/Long Version/78/Buddah)
14)BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB"Timing, Forget The Timing"(12"/Remix By Kerrier
15)CHANGE"A Lovers Holiday"(2xEP/V.A./"Hot Classics 10"/Digital Mix By J.Mark
16)AKB"Stand Up, Sit Down"(12"/Long Version/1979/RSO)
17)MECO"The Wizard Of Oz"(12"/Spec.Edited Disco V./1978/Millenium-Casablanca)
18)CERRONE"You Are The One"(12"/The Lost Mix/Yat001)
19)A JACKIN PHREAK"Disco Side"(EP/B2/2007)
20)CHOCOLATS"Brasilia Carnaval"(2xLP/"Double Album No.1"/Folklore/DisquesIbach)
21)URANIUM"Eleanor Rigby"(12"/Long Version/1978)

22)WALTER MURPHY"Mostly Mozart"(LP/"Discosymphony"/A Jim Burgess Mix/1979/
23)GRACE JONES"I Need A Man"(12"/A Disco Tom Moulton Mix/1977/BeamJunction)
24)PATRICK JUVET"Paris By Night"(LP/1977)
25)THE SIMON ORCHESTRA"Mr.Big Shot"(LP/1979/HaremRec.)
26)ROSEBUD"Have A Cigar"(12"-Version/1977)
27)LESLIE OHARA"Gipsy Boy"(LP/1978/Crocos)
28)ARPEGGIO"Saturday Night-Breakout"(12"/Short Version/1979/Harem)
29)THE RING"Savage Lover"(12"/Long Version/1979/Vanguard)
30)GINO SOCCIO"Les Visiteurs"(12"-Version/1979)
31)"Disco Computer"(12"/Automan15)

Cosmic Love&Kisses From SIRIUS&DARKTUNES...