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ELECTRIC TABOU - DarkerZones(23rd/24th Sept.08) Ft.ZISTRA KALBASZAA(Visum Wien) 0:00

Tonights midnight programm features ZISTRA KALBASZAA famous from the VISUM-Club
(Derwisch)...Hope that we will get some playlist...

My playlist:
1)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us"(LP/"Through
The Looking Glass"/1987)
2)EURYTHMICS"Sexcrime(Nineteen Eighty-Four)"(12"/V.A./PrimeCutsIssue 7 Vol.2/
Room 101 Edit by Howard Prince)
3)DIVINE"Jungle Jezebel"(LP/"My First Album"/1982)
4)CABARET VOLTAIRE"I Want You"(12"/Long Version/1985)
5)HAZEL OCONNOR"(Cover Plus)Were All Grown Up"(12"/1981)
6)BLONDIE"Atomic"(12"/New Disco Mix/1994)
7)KATE BUSH"The Dreaming"(LP/1982)
8)LAURIE ANDERSON"Language Is A Virus"(LP/OST/"Home Of The Brave"/1986)
9)V.A."Blue Wave Disco"(12"/Incl.Yello, Human League, Front 242, Burundi Black,
10)THE CURE"M"(LP/"Seventeen Seconds"/1980)
11)FLYING LIZARDS"Suzanne"(LP/"Top Ten"/1984/Statik)
12)DEVO"Thats Good"(12"/Long Version/1982)
13)CLASSIX NOUVEAUX"Inside Outside"(12"-Version/1981)

15)DIE KRUPPS"Volle Kraft voraus"(LP/1982)
16)PETER GABRIEL"Spiel ohne Grenzen"(LP/"Ein deutsches Album"/1980)
17)THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN"Humatic"(12"/Gentle-Mix/1987)
18)KLAUS NOMI"Total Eclipse"(LP/1981)
20)FAD GADGET"I Discover Love"(12"/Ext.Version/1983/Mute)
21)THE ART OF NOISE"Close(To The Edge)"(12"/Long Version/1984/ZTT)
22)THE DANSE SOCIETY"2000 Light Years From Home"(12"/1984)
23)NASH THE SLASH"Children Of The Night"(LP/1981/Dindisc)
24)CHRISTIAN DEATH"Spiritual Cramp"(LP/"Only Theatre Of Pain"/1982/RedVinyl)
25)IDEAL"Wir zerstoeren unser Glueck"(LP/"Bi Nuu"/1982)
26)JENNY GOES DIRTY"Amoreux Solitaires"(12"/Orig./2005/KillTheDJ)
27)FEHLFARBEN"Es geht voran"(EP/1982/Weltrekord)
28)DEAD OR ALIVE"Thats The Way(I Like It)"(12"/Ext.Version/1984)
29)THE EDIT"This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us"(12"/Long V./1987)