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Sendung vom 09.12.2008 21:00:

step the dub with ca.tter

ca.tter (dubstep alter ego von catarina pratter) ist zu gast, lässt die bässe krachen, rock und hosenzipfel zittern und bringt uns die neuesten fabrikate aus der werkstatt von dubsquare records mit.

About Ca.tter:
Originally coming from Experimental/Techno, she first attracted attention as one third of 550 Rondy and their 2001 release on Vienna's legendary Cheap Entertainment imprint, with two more EPs subsequently following on temp~records. In 2004 Catarina Pratter's first solo-release came out on Berlin-based label SueMi, contributions to Gudrun Gut's Monika Enterprise and Electric Indigo's Female Pressure Compilations followed.

Being strongly infected by Dubstep, Catarina Pratter's productions started to embrace a newly found darkness around 2006, with 4x4 schemes being steadily abandoned. As she returns as Ca.tter in 2008, her roots are still clearly audible not least in form of a endlessly skanking hi-head, while the structure of her sounds has immersed into the infinite darkness of bass-culture.


About Dubsquare Records:
Dubsquare Records is a label based in Vienna, Austria. Being emerged from a lively Dubstep-scene in Central Europe, the label represents a deep, dark and at the same time percussive end of the spectrum, with strong Detroit-influences.