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ELECTRIC TABOU - Darker Zones January Programm

ELECTRIC TABOU - Darker Zones(13th/14th Sept.08) midnight

Now Its Dark presents the second part of Electric Tabou - DarkSounds from the 80ies...

1)YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA"Computer Game/Firecracker"(LP/
"XOO Multiplies"/1980)
2)PETER RICHARD"Walking In The Neon"(12"/Long Version/1983)
3)VOLCANO"Living In The Jungle"(12"/New York Hell/MakinMusic)
4)V:A."Action 1"(EP/V.A./DiscoTracks)
5)SOFT CELL"Heat"(LP/"The Art Of Falling Apart"/1983/SomeBizzare)
6)ULTRAVOX"Reap The Wild Wind"(12"/V.A./Mix By Frank Schmidt/
7)SYLVESTER"Taking Love Into My Own Hands"(12"/Mixed By Sylvester/
8)SIMPLE MINDS"Waterfront"(12"-Version/1983)
9)MODERN ENGLISH"Life In The Gladhouse"(12"/Long V./1982/4 A.D.)
10)TIK AND TOK"Screen Me, Im Yours"(12"/1984/Survival)
11)TOYAH"Remember"(LP/"Love Is The Law"/1983/Safari)
12)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Candyman"(LP/"Tinderbox"/1986)
13)VIRGIN PRUNES"Baby Turns Blue"(EP/"The Extended Play"/Dir.Cut/04)
14)ROSETTA STONE"Helter Skelter"(12"/1994/Minority)

15)KING OF JAPAN"A Spaceman Came Travelling"(LP/"Future Of Mankind"/
16)THE COLOUR FILED(12"/Spec.Ext.Version Mix/1984)
17)DIE ZWEI"Grapsch!"(12"/Communist Party Mix/1983/Personal)
18)CELI BEE"I Cant Let Go"(12"/Ext.Dance Mix/1987/Dice)
19)PINK TURNS BLUE"The Gods Are Smiling"(LP/"AERDT"/1991/
20)GLORIA GAYNOR"Chain Of Whispers"(12"/V.A./A Raul Dance Ext.
Edit Mix/1983/Disconet)
21)THE HUMAN LEAGUE"Keep Feeling Fascination"(2xEP/V.A./"Robot
Dancing Volume 1"/Re-Edit/2005)
22)SHARON McNIGHT"Kiss You All Over"(12"/The Apple And Banana Mix/
23)TRISOMIE 21"Million Lights"(LP/1987/A Play It Again Sam)
24)JEANNE MAS"Parle Et Ca Passe"(LP/1985)
25)CABARET VOLTAIRE"Dont Argue"(12"/Dance By Adrian Sherwood/87)
26)ROBEY"Killer Instinct"(12"/Dub Mix/1985/SilverBlue)
27)THE ASSOCIATES"Deeply Concerned"(LP/"The Affectionate Punch"/

28)DER EISERNE VORHANG"Tote Stadt"(LP/V.A./"Wien Du tote Stadt"/
Compiled By A Nurse Called Mike)
29)STEVEN BROWN"Manner Of Means"(LP/"Searching For Contact"/1987/
A Play It Again Sam)
30)SPANDAU BALLET"Muscle Bound"(LP/"Journeys To Glory"/1981)
31)A CERTAIN RATIO"And Then Again"(12"/1980/Factory)
32)THE ASSOCIATES"Voluntary Wishes, Swapit Productions"(12"/1982)
33)THE ASSOCIATES"Tell Me Easters On Friday"(12"/Long V./1981/
34)THE PASSAGE"Drugface"(LP/"Enflame"/1983/CherryRed)
35)FLIEHENDE STUERME"Wie sich Stunden drehen"(LP/"Hinter Masken"/
36)WALL OF WOODOO"Lost Weekend"(LP/"Call Of The West"/82/I.R.S.)
37)FRATELLI"Herzeleid"(EP/"Ruttmanns Erste Mini LP"/1982/Talent)
38)HEAVEN 17"Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry"(12"/Album V./1983)
39)KRAFTWERK"Metropolis"(LP/"The Man-Machine"/1978)
40)BAUHAUS"Earwax"(EP/"Searching For Satori"/1982/BeggarsBanquet)
41)SIMPLE MINDS"Love Song"(12"/Long Version/1981)
42)VISAGE"Only The Good(Die Young)"(LP/"Beat Boy"/1984)
43)CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION"The Kentucky Click"(12"/Long V./