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ELECTRIC TABOU 05.05.09 0:00

ELECTRIC TABOU - Nightclubbing

1) DEPECHE MODE "In chains" (Lp/"Sounds of the universe"/2009/Mute)
2) XYNN "Television madness" (Lp/"Computed man"/1980)
3) PETER GABRIEL "Kon-takt!" (Lp/"Deutsches album"/1992)
4) SOFT CELL "Youth/sex dwarf" (Lp/"Nonstop erotic cabaret"/1981)
5) PET SHOP BOYS "Love etc." (Lp/"Yes"/2009)
6) THE HUMAN LEAGUE "Human" (Lp/"Crash"/1986)
7) M-BRYO & D.M.T. "The empty streets" (Lp/V.A./"A tribute to flexipop no.7")
8) JONZUN CREW "Pack jam" (12"/Look out for the OVC-7"version/re-issue)
9) GRACE JONES "Walking in the rain" (12"/remixed by Chris Blackwell/1981)
10) HEAVEN 17 "Mega 17" (12"/V.A./megamix by Alan Coulthard/DMC)
11) KRAFTWERK "Its more fun to compute" Lp/"Computerwelt"/1981)
12) LENE LOVICH "Monkey talk" (Lp/"Flex"/1979/Stiff)
13) BLONDIE "Will anything happend?" (Lp/"Parallel lines"/1978/Picturediscre-issue)
14) PORTISHEAD "Half day closing" (2xEp/1997/Go beat!)

ELECTRIC TABOU - Darkclubsounds

15) PANKOW "Die Beine der Dolores" (Lp/"Gisela"/1989/an LD record)
16) SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK "Rebel rebel" (Lp/V.A./"Starman"/2003/Uncutbeilage)
17) SOFT CELL "Say hello wave goodbye" (12"/ext.version/1982/Somebizzare)
18) YELLO "You gotta say yes to another excess" (12"-version/1983)
19) THE ASSOCIATES "Logan time" (Lp/"The affectionate punch"/1982/Fiction)
20) MUSIC FOR PLEASURE "Time" (12"/ext.version/1983)
21) NINA HAGEN "Dread love" (Lp/"Nunsexmonkrock"/1982)
22) ULTRAVOX "Quiet men" (Lp/"Three into one"/1978)
23) DEPECHE MODE "Told you so" (Lp/"Construction time again"/1983/Mute)
24) FRANZ MORAK "Übermorgen (TCDD)" (Lp/"Sieger sehen anders aus"/1983)
25) THE MISSION "Stay with me" (Lp/"Gods own medicine"/1986)
26) BERNARD LAVILLIERS "Night bird" (Lp+12"/intro/1981)
28) ZYX "Trust no woman" (Lp/1981/OK)
29) KLAUS NOMI "Wasting my time" (Lp/1981)
30)A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS "The traveller" (Lp/"Listen"/1983)
31) CONTROLLED BLEEDING "Red stigmata" (Lp/"Songs from the drain"/
32) DAVID BOWIE "Blue Jean" (12"/ext. dancemix by John Jellybean Benitez/1984)

ELECTRIC TABOU - From VanityVague 2 RockIsDead:

33) DEPECHE MODE"Its called a heart" (2x12"/extended/1985/Mute)
34) BLUE ZOO"Cant hold me down" (Lp/"2By2"/1983)
35) MARC REED"One body" (12"/long version/1986/ZYX)
36) VISAGE"Love glove" (Lp/"Beat boy"/1984)
37) THE CREATURES"Divided" (10"/1989)
38) XYNN"Schooldays" (Lp/"Computed man"/1980)
39) CABARET VOLTAIRE"Premonition" (Lp/"The voice of america"/1980/Mute)
40) KATE BUSH"Jig of life" (12"/1985)
41) THE HUMAN LEAGUE"The untouchables" (Lp/"Travelogue"/1980)
42) PEOPLE LIKE US"Midnight lover" (12"/remix by DJ Pebo/JDC)
43) FASHION"Slow down" (Lp/"Twilight of idols"/1984)
44) FLIEHENDE STUERME"Systemstoerung" (Lp/"Hinter Masken"/2000)
45) U.K.SUBS"American motors" (Lp/"Killing time"/FallOutRecords)
46) SHAM 69"Hurry Up Harry" (Lp/"The first the best and the last")
47) SUZI QUATRO"Glad all over" (Lp/"Rock hard"/1980)
48) T.REX"Mambo sun" (Lp/"Electric warrior"/1971)
49) SUBHUMANS"Get out of my way/First aid" (Lp/"Time flies...
but aeroplanes crash"/1983)
50) FLASH AND THE PAN"California" (Lp/1979/Ensign)