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Hot Disco Nights - The June Programm 2009 Vol.1:

HOT DISCO NIGHTS - The June Programm 2009(2nd/3rd June) NowItsDark midnite

Some hot Disco-Tracks from the early 70ies till the end of all times...

1)SYREETA & G.C.CAMERON"Rich Love, Poor Love Theme/You Need A Change"(LP/
2)GRACE JONES"Send In The Clowns/What I Did For Love/Tomorrow"(LP/
"Portfolio"/A Tom Moulton Mix/1977)
3)PARADISE BIRDS"Ol Blue Eyed Man"(LP/1977)
4)BABY O"In The Forrest(12"/Long Version/1980)
5)CANDI STATON"When You Wake Up Tomorrow"(12"/Disco Mix By Jimmy
6)JINNY AND THE FLAMBOYANTS"Theme In C-Major/Adios Muchachos"(LP/79/Durium)
7)KAT MANDU"At Night"(LP/"The Kat Is Back"/1983/Music-Box)
8)SILVER CONVENTION"Dancing In The Aisle"(LP/"Madhouse"/1976/Jupiter)
9)TACO"You Are My Lucky Star"(LP/"Lets Face The Music"/1984)
10)FATBACK BAND"(Are You Ready)Do The Bus Stop"(LP/"(Are You Ready)...The
Best Of..."/1975)
11)ROSE ROYCE"Do Your Dance"(LP/"II-In Full Bloom"/1977/Whitfield)


12)LE LOUP"Hes Got The Whole World"(7"/1979)
Bobby Martin/1979/A&M)
14)BLONDE ON BLONDE"Subway"(7"/1977)
15)JIMMY JAMES & THE VAGABONDS"You Dont Stand A Chance(If You Cant Dance)"
(7"/Part 1/1975/PYE)
16)SARDOU"JAi 2000 Ans"(7")
17)V.A."Prelude Pump Up Mix"(12"/Remix By Raymond Cazaux & Eric Kauffman/
"History Of Prelude-DJs Mastermixes Vol.1")
18)CANDY SYLVER"Cry Me A River"(7"/1977/Vogue)
19)KEITH FOOTE ONE LOVE"Pan Over Beethoven"(7"/1979/Pinball)
20)THE ROBIN HOOKER BAND"Stand By Your Man"(12"/A Walter Gibbons Mix/
21)KANDIDATE"Girls Girls Girls"(7"/1979)
22)HOT CHOCOLATE"Disco Queen"(LP/"XIV Greatest Hits"/7"-Version/1975)
23)DADDY DEWDROP"Nanu Nanu(I Wanna Get Funky Wich You)"(12"-Version/
24)CHARDEN"LEte SRa Chaud"(7"/1979)
25)B.A.ROBERTSON"Bang Bang"(7"/1979)
26)THELMA HOUSTON"Any Way You Like It"(LP/1976/Motown)
27)909D1SCO"Alien Attakk"(12"/2007)
28)MINX"Midnight In Moscow"(LP/"Disco-Mondo"/1979)

29)BIDDU ORCHESTRA"Summer Of 42"(LP/"The Best Of..."/1978)
30)LOVE TWINS"Miami Heatwave"(12"/V.A./Mix By Rick Gianatos/1982/Disconet)
31)"No Way Back"(12"/Disco Adjustments By Mystic Slot/BlackCock007)
32)KAREN SILVER"Mirror, Mirror"(LP/"Set Me Free"/1981/Quality-RFC)
33)KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND"Sho-Nuff"(LP/"Who Do Ya(Love)"/1978/T.K.)
34)RICK DEES & HIS CAST OF IDIOTS"Doctor Disco"(LP/"Disco Duck"/1977/RSO)
35)DISCO SPECTACULAR"Good Morning Starshine"(LP/"Inspired By The Film Hair"/79)
36)FOXY"I Cant Stand The Heat/Rrrrrrock"(LP/"Party Boys"/1979/Dash-T.K.)
37)ULLANDA"Stars"(LP/"Love Zone"/1979)
38)DISCO HEAT"Black Sun"(LP/1978/Buddah)
39)LALO SCHIFRIN"Towering Toccata"(LP/1977)
40)GIBSON BROTHERS"Better Do It Salsa"(7"/Long Version/1979)
41)RHONDA HEATH"It Hurts So Good"(7"/1979/Karma)

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