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HOT DISCO NIGHTS II - The June Programm 2009(9th/10th June 09)

Put some chease on funky bread...and sugarcoated creamy cakes! Now Its Dark 9.6.09 midnite


1)ABBA"The Winner Takes It All"(7"/1980)
2)GITTE"So schoen kann doch kein Mann sein"(7"/1974)
3)TIMMY THOMAS"Are You Crazy???"(12"/Long Version Mixed By Freddie Stonewall/
4)CHRISLAND"Angela, Angel"(LP/1977/BaccaraInt.)
5)DONNA SUMMER"Lucky"(2xLP/"Bad Girls"/1979/Casablanca)
6)SILVER CONVENTION"Madhouse/Plastic People"(LP/"Madhouse"/1976/Jupiter)
7)BRENDA & HERB"I Wanna Make You My Sweetheart"(LP/"In Heat Again"/1978/H&L)
8)FIVE SPECIAL"Jam(Lets Take It To The Streets)"(LP/"Special Edition"/1980)
9)ANTONIO FARGAS"Soul Music(Long Live Soul Music)"(12"/Long Version/1981)
10)CISSY HOUSTON"It Doesnt Only Happen At Night"(LP/"Step Aside For A Lady"/1980)
11)DEE D.JACKSON"Galaxy Police"(7"/1978/Jupiter)
12)DISCOBOLOS"Lady Carn..LP/"Disco/Sound"/1979)
13)BAM BAM"Wheres Your Child"(12"/Club Acid Mix/2006/KingdomKomeBlack)


14)SCHERRIE PAYNE"Girl, Youre In Love"(12"/Mixed By Rick Gianatos/1982/Clever)
15)CAROLINE BERNIER"Secret Agent Love"(LP/1978/PrivateStock)
16)CELI BEE"Fly Me On The Wings Of Love"(12"/Edited By Steve Thompson & Michael
17)LEON HAYWOOD"Energy"(LP/1979)
18)CHOCOLATS"Roots"(LP/"Senorita Por Favor"(LP/1979)
19)BONEY M."No More Chain Gang"(LP/"Oceans Of Fantasy"/1979)
20)CHERYL BARNES"Love & Passion"(LP/V.A./OST/"American Gigolo"/1980)
21)PENNY McLEAN"Devil Eyes"(LP/"Lady Bump"/1975/Jupiter)
22)CERRONE"Rocket In The Pocket"(LP/"Cerrone IV-The Golden Touch"/
23)UNDISPUTED TRUTH"Ball Of Confusion(Thats What The World Is Today)"(LP/1971)

24)NEW GENERATION"Disco Generation"(12"/OST/1979)
25)LEO SAYER"Easy To Love"(LP/"Thunder In My Heart"/1977)
26)KELLY MARIE"Love Trial"(7"/1981)
27)VIOLA WILLS"Somebodys Eyes"(12"/1980)
28)JERRY RIX"Disco Train"(12"/Disco Version/1977/AVI)
29)MADISON STREET"Hey Look Whos Dancin"(12"/Long V./1979/Infinity)
30)LIGHT OF THE WORLD"Midnight Groovin"(12"/Short Version/1979/Ensign)
31)WIZZDOM"W-I-Z-Z-D-O-M"(12"/Mixed By Amors Larkins Jr./1980/T.K.)
32)DR.YORK"Roll A Rock"(12"/Long Version/RockPort)
33)SATURDAY NIGHT BAND"Come On, Dance, Dance"(LP/1978/Prelude)
34)WONDER"My Trip"(LP/"Up & Down"/1980/BabyRecords)
35)G.Q."Make My Dream A Reality"(LP/"Disco Nights"/1979)
36)LOVE TWINS"Theres More To Me Than Meets The Eye"(LP/"Part 1:Tempation"/
1981/Mixed By Rick Gianatos & Larry Rossiello/AVI)
37)D.C.LaRUE"Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm"(12"-Version/1979/Casablanca)
38)THE SKINNERS"Shoo Shoo Train"(7"/1976/Prom)


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