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ELECTRIC TABOU 12/5(29th/30th Dec.09) NowItsDark midnight

Last time 4 this year we present U some real fabulous trax and hope U will enjoy it...

1)VIRGIN PRUNES"Greylight"(EP/"An Extended Play"/Re-Issued/2004/Mute)
2)WELTSCHMERTZ"Mein Freund der Computer"(LP/1982/Ahorn)
3)WIRE"Lowdown"(LP/"Pink Flag"/4MenWithBeards)
4)VISAGE"Frequency 7"(7"-Version/1980)
5)JOACHIM WITT"Ich fahr nach Afrika"(LP/"Edelweiss"/1982)
6)YELLO"Pinball Cha Cha"(2xLP/"The New Mix In One Go"/Different Version)
7)X POINT Q"Cosmic Balls"(12"/Long Version/1984/ZYX)
8)YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA"Behind The Mask"(LP/"XOO Multiplies"/1980)
9)TRISOMIE 21"The Golden Age"(LP/"Works"/PIAS)
10)DIVINE"Love Reaction"/RAMMING SPEED"When You Walk In The Room"/PATRICK
COWLEY"Megatron Man"(LP/V.A./"Twelve Inches Of Pleasure Vol.2"/Mixed By Richard
Anthony Jones/1984/Proto)
11)ZAZA"Tango DElite"(LP/Long Version/1982/BlowUp)
12)VOCOCO"Same Love"(12"/V.A./1983/Disconet)
13)BORIS MIDNEY"D-D-D-Dance"(12"/V.A./1983/Disconet)
14)THE UNKNOWN ART"Blackmail You"(12"/Long V./1986/ZYX)
15)MIDGE URE"Call Of The Wild"(12"/Ext.Mix/1986)

a nurse called mike:
15/1)TESTCARD F"Unfamiliar room"
15/3)A BLAZE COLOUR"A means to an end"

16)KRAFTWERK"Tour De France"(12"/French Version/1983)
17)DURAN DURAN"My Own Way"(2xLP/"Rio"/Carnival Remix+Orig.UK Album Mix/1982)
18)MARC ALMOND"The Heel"(EP/"A Womans Story-Some Songs To Take To The Tomb
19)STERIL Ft.SUE-M"While You Were Art"(EP/"A Day At The Races"/2003/Gigolo)
20)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Melt!"(LP/"A Kiss In The Dreamhouse"/1982)
21)KATE BUSH"Babooshka"(7"/1980)
22)FAD GADGET"The Box/Arch Of The Aorta"(LP/"Fireside Favourites"/1980/Mute)
24)GARY NUMAN"Call Out The Dogs"(12"-Version/1985/Numa)
25)RATIONAL YOUTH"Pile Ou Face"(12"/Ext.Version/1982/YulRecords)
26)TUXEDOMOON"59 To 1"(LP/"Half-Mute"/1980/Ralph)
27)THE BOWLING BALLS"When You Walk In The Room"(12"/1980)
28)PSYCHE"Brain Collapse"(2xEP/"Insomnia Theatre"/1985/NewRose)
29)GINA X PERFORMANCE"Pederast Dissection"(LP/"Voyeur"/1981)
30)BILLY IDOL"Eyes Without A Face"(LP/"Rebel Yell"/1983)

31)GRACE JONES"Demolition Man"(12"/1981)
32)LENE LOVICH"Lucky Number"(12"-Version/1978/Stiff)
33)PETER GODWIN"Emotional Disguise"(12"/Vocal/1982)
34)DIE FORM"Corpus Delicti"(LP/TrackB2/Promo)
35)THE SEVERANCE"Dreams Of Youth"(12"/Long V./1990)
36)MIDGE URE"If I Was"(12"/Ext.Mix By Brian Tench/1985)
37)OMD"Genetic Engineering"(12"/312 mm Version/1983)
38)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Love In A Void"(LP/"Once Upon A Time"/1979)
39)THE CREATURES"Divided"(10"/1989)
40)FAD GADGET"King Of The Flies"(LP/"Frank Tovey-The Fad Gadget Singles"/
41)DAVID BOWIE"Blue Jean"(12"/Remixed By John Jellybean Benitez/1984)
42)HEAVEN 17"Geisha Boys And Temple Girls"(LP/"Penthouse And Pavement"/1981)
43)BLONDIE"Picture This"(LP/"Parallel Lines"/1978/PictureDisc)
44)TOYAH"Space Between The Sounds"(LP/"Minx"/1985)
45)REAL LIFE"Send Me An Angel"(12"/Heaven No.7 Mix/1988/RedVinyl)
46)DEPECHE MODE"A Pain That Im Used To"(2xEP/"Playing The Angel"/2005/Mute)
47)DER PLAN"Schnee-Cristel unterm Baum"(LP/V.A./"Denk daran!"/1980/Ueberblick)
48)COCKNE REBEL"Ritz"(LP/"The Psychomodo"/1974)