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Now Its Dark Feb.2010/3

NOW ITS DARK Feb.2010/3 (Feb.23rd/24th) midnight

More Disco, less Techno...

1)BEATHOVEN"Call The Cops"(12"/Boeing 747 Mix/1989/Target)
2)ALEEM"Confusion"(12"/Remixed By Michael Boner & Frank Poulton/TooHot)
3)TARA BUTLER"Up Against The Wall"(12"/Long Version/Prod.By Simon Boswell/
4)KARL BISCUIT"La Morte"(12"/Remix/1986/Crammed)
5)ARTE NOIR"African Connection"(12"/Long Version/1981)
6)MIGUEL BOSE"Super, Superman"(7"/1979)
7)AKABA"Everybody Likes Dancing"(12"/Long Version/1983/FullTime)
8)THE ART OF NOISE Ft.TOM JONES"Kiss"(12"/The AON Remix/1988)
9)BYTE"Modern People"(12"/Spec.Disco-Remix/1984/Catfish)
11)JOCELYN BROWN"Loves Gonna Get You"(12"/Dance Mix By John Jellybean
12)THE BUSHMEN"Red Necks, White Socks"(EP/"Sweat It Out"/1985/Upright)
13)ALIEN SEX FIEND"Get Into It"(LP/"It-The Album"/1986/Plague)
14)SOFT CELL"Born To Lose"(12"/1984/SomeBizzare)
15)ABBA"Im A Marionette"(LP/"The Album"/1977)


16)KIMERA & THE OPERAIDERS With The LSO"The Lost Opera"(12"/Search One/
17)RINDER & LEWIS"Anger"(LP/"Seven Deadly Sins"/1977/AVI)
18)LOVE & KISSES"Youre The Most Precious Thing In My Life"(2xLP+12"/V.A./OST/
"Thank God Its Friday"/1978/Casablanca)
19)MACHO"Im A Man"(LP/Mix By Savarese/1978/Prelude)
20)BROADWAY"Magic Man"(LP/1979/Hilltak)
21)MIKE THEODORE ORCHESTRA"High On Mad Mountain"(12"/Long V./78/Westbound)
22)KING ERRISSON"Manhattan Love Song"(12"/A Tom Moulton Mix/1977/Westbound)
23)GIORGIO & CHRIS"Let This Night Go On For Days"(LP/"Loves In You, Loves In
25)RINDER & LEWIS"Willie And The Hand Jive"(LP/"Warriors"/1979/AVI)
26)COSMO VITELLI"Sex Attack"(EP/V.A./"Cliche Breaks 04")

27)E-ZEE POSSEE Ft.McKINKY"Everything Begins With An E"(12"/Long V./1989/
28)THE RITCHIE FAMILY"Put Your Feet To The Beat"(LP/"Bad Reputation"/1979/
29)CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR"Sex Trip"(LP/V.A./"Disco Express Vol.1"/1976)
30)STERIL"Technology"(EP/"Shades Of Grey"/Gigolo)
31)MUNICH MACHINE"Get On The Funk Train"(LP/Part 1/1977/Oasis)
32)SKIP MAHONEY"Janice(Dont Be So Blind To Love)"(12"/Orig.Mix/1980/Salsoul)
33)ABBA"The Day Before You Came"(7"/Long Version/1982)
34)UNLIMITED TOUCH"Private Party"(LP/1981/Prelude)
35)SEXPRESS"Mantra For A State Of Mind"(12"/Part 1 And 2-Elevation Mix/1989/
36)MUNICH MACHINE"Get On The Funk Train"(LP/Part 2/1977/Oasis)
37)TELEVISION SET"Lonliest Boy In My Town"(EP/"Telegen"/2002/GeneticMusic)

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