Now it´s dark
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NOW ITS DARK April 2010/3 (20th/21st)

Another DiscOverdrive:

1)THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT"Lucifer"(12"/Long Version/1979)
2)EDDIE KENDRICKS"Keep On Truckin"(2xLP/V.A./"A Tom Moulton Mix Vol.1"/
Unreleased Version/Originally1973/SoulJazz)
3)LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY"Hit And Run"(12"/A Walter Gibbons Mix/1977/Salsoul)
4)U.N."Get It On"(LP/1979/Prelude)
5)EDDIE DRENNON"It Dont Mean A Thing"(LP/1978/Bullseye-Casablanca)
6)OLYMPIC RUNNERS"Make It Happen"(LP/"Its A Bitch"/1979)
7)MUST"Sado Maso Disco"(12"/Long Version/1978)
8)BLACK DIAMOND"What Now My Love/Voodo Queen/New York City Dream"(LP/1978)
9)THE RITCHIE FAMILY"Sexy Man"(12"/Long Version/1979/Casablanca)
10)THE WALTER MURPHY BAND"Flight 76"(LP/"A Fifth Of Beethoven"/76/PrivateStock)
11)EGYPTIAN LOVER"Girls"(12"/Re-Mix-Long Version/1984/EgyptianEmpire)
12)FUNKALOO"Robot Dancer"(LP/1979/Rouge)