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NOW ITS DARK MAY 2010 (4th/5th)

1)ULTRAVOX"Visions In Blue"(LP/"Quartet"/1982)
2)RONI GRIFFITH"Mondo Man"(12"/Long Version/1980/Vanguard)
3)BABY FORD"Beach Bump"(12"/Beach Bums Version/1989/RhythmKing)
4)BUFFALO Ft.PETER VEE"Magic Carpet Ride"(LP/1979)
5)DONNA SUMMER"Spring Affair"(LP/"Four Seasons Of Love"/1976/Casablanca)
7)SHAWN BENSON"Seclusion"(12"/Long Vocal Version/1986/TSR)
8)SOFT CELL"Bedsitter"(12"-Version/1981)
9)GLENN"Say You Will"(LP/1981/BigMouth)
10)HOT SNAX BAND"Pressure Drop"(12"/1977/MunchRecords)
11)CELI BEE"(I Need A)He Man"(12"/Dance Mix/1986/TopHits)
12)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"The Passenger"(12"/Lllllocco-Motion Mix/1987)
13)ADAMSKI"Second Coming"(12"/1990)
14)KRISMA"Wrong Island/Opposite"(LP/"Clandestine Aniticipation"/1982)
15)HERB ALPERT"North On South St."(12"/Deep House Main Mix/1991)

16)DAZZLE"Walk Before You Run"(LP/1979)
17)KELLY MARIE"Feels Like Im In Love"(12"/V.A./"Disconet Greatest Hits Vol.2")
18)TRANSVOLTA"Disco Computer"(12"/Original Long Version/Pinnacle)
19)GODS OF TECHNOLOGY"State Of Panic"(EP/"808s & Altered States"/2010/BattleTrax)
20)DANIEL SENDER"Afterhour"(12"/Original/2010/FTW)
21)PUSSYFOOT"Dancer Dance"(12"/V.A./"Disconet Greatest Hits Vol.7")
22)HERPES"Very Berlin"(7"/2009/Tapete)
23)BETA EVERS"Real Touch"(EP/V.A./"A Tribute To Robert Moog 3"/2006/CremeOrg.)
24)BENJAMIN FEHR"The Truth Is Not Outthere"(EP/2010/NervMusic)
25)MIKE 001"Do You See What I See?"(EP/V.A./"I Love It When A Plan Comes
Together"/Mike Simonettis 1982 Edit)
26)SECOND SEX"Le Monde Est Silencieux"(7"/2008/BecauseRecords)
27)MITAKA & THE LITTLE"Nervous Breakdown"(12"/2010/DerHut11)
28)GAY MARVINE Presents"Dou You Wanna Fuck?Do You?"(EP/"Secret Mixes Fixes
Vol.9"/A Tribute To Sylvester)

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