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NOW ITS DARK MAY III 2010 (18th/19th) midnight

The AcidNewBeat Mega Show...

1)FATAL ATTRACTION"Music To Be Murdered By..."(12"/Criminal Version/1988/ZYX)
2)UNDERGROUND SOUND OF LISBON"So Get Up"(2x12"/Juniors Factory Mix/1994/
3)GUITAR"Deserve It"(12"/2007/Careless)
4)ONE O ONE"Rock To The Beat"/NEW BEAT GENERATION"Suck The Beat"/KING GEORGE "Saigon Nightmare"/LORDS OF ACID"I Sit On Acid"/MR.MATEY"Acid Party"/PLASTIC
BERTRAND"Slave To The Beat"(LP/V.A./"For Boys Only"/1989/Clever)
5)ORBITAL"Chime"(LP/V.A./"FFRR-Gold On Black"/The Helium Mix/1990)
6)THE MAXX"Cocaine"(12"/Orig.Long Version/1988/StopGo-BCM)
7)CIRCLE JAY"Next Machine"(LP/V.A./"New Beat Compilation Vol.One"/1989/Rodger)
8)D.H.S."House Of God"(12"/Bonus Beats/1991/X-Energy)
9)GTO"Elevation"(12"/GTO Breakdown Mix/1992/React)
10)GENTRY ICE"Do You Wanna Jack"(2xLP/V.A./"Jack Trax-The Fourth Album"/1988/


11)THE HUMAN LEAGUE"Being Boiled"(2xLP/V.A./"In The Beginning There Was Rhythm"/
Orig.Demo Version/SoulJazz)
12)THE SWEET"Cockroach"(LP/"Give Us A Wink!"/1976)
13)OMD"Georgia"(LP/"Architecture & Morality"/1981/Dindisc)
14)TOYAH"Jungles Of Jupiter"(LP/"Anthem"/1981/Safari)
15)TIK & TOK"Intolerance 4"(LP/"Intolerance"/1984/Survival)
16)MODERN EON"Choreography"(LP/"Fiction Tales"/1981/Dindisc)
17)R/V/LT/D"Fail, Blood, Heart And Gold"(EP/2010/BeatIsMurder)
18)THE TAPPS"My Forbidden Lover"(12"/86 Version/Boulevard)
20)THE FIBONACCIS"HE Cant Stop Laughing"(LP/OST/"Terror Vision"/1986/Restless)
21)HEAVEN 17"Lets All Make A Bomb"(LP/"Penthouse And Pavement"/1981)
22)SPANDAU BALLET"Coffee Club"(LP/"Diamond"/1982)
23)GRACE JONES"Nightclubbing"(LP/1981)
24)JEANNE MAS"Coeur En Stereo"(LP/1985)
25)MARC ALMOND"She Took My Soul In Istanbul"(12"/The Blue Mosque Mix/1988)
26)COCKNEY REBEL"Ritz"(LP/"The Psychomodo"/1974)