Now it´s dark
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NOW ITS DARK AUG.2010/I (3rd/4th)

1)PLAZA"(Got My)Dancing Shoes"(2xLP/V.A./"Horse Meat Disco")
2)BLACK BOX MEDLEY(12"/V.A./Mixx By Felix Sama/Megamixx4)
3)QUARTZ Feat STEPZ"Were Comin At Ya"(12"/Rave Mix/1990)
4)DYNAMIX Presents "Mr Newbeat & Doctor House"(12"/Version A/Mix By Tolga Flim
Flam Balkan/1989/FlimFlamRecords)
5)HARRY AXT"Tag der Befreiung"(EP/"Starlights"/KiddazFm)
6)ALDEN TYRELL"There May Be Dark Days Ahead"(2xEP/V.A./"Box Jams"/2006/Clone)
7)G-MAN"Bio-Fidelic"(2xEP/V.A./"From Our Minds To Yours Vol.2"/1992/+8Records)
8)EMILIO PASQUEZ Presents "Batman"(12"/Sound From The Pink Sandbox/1988)
9)GRACE JONES"Williams Blood"(12"/Electric Dub/2008)
10)BLACK MAN"Black Trip"(12"/Original/BlackLabel)
11)DODGE TRAX VOLUME 1(12"/TrackA2)
12)RINGO STARR"Down And Out"(7"/1973)

13)CHERYL LYNN"Got To Be Real"(9xCD/V.A./"The Hot Classics Limited Edition Box Set"/Mix By Mark Andrus)
14)LIPSTIQUE"At The Discotheque"(LP/1978/Lollipop)
15)SOFT CELL"Surrender(To A Stranger)"(LP/"This Last Night In Sodom..."/1984/
16)LUCKY STAR"Welcome To The Promised Land"(LP/"Whos Foolin Who"/1978)
17)FUNKY GREEN DOGS"The Way"(2x12"/The Dirty White Boy Way/1997/TwistedUK/
18)DERMAPTERA SPEZIAL 01"Apache Mountain"(12"/Matt Star Hits A Squaw Edit/2007)
19)KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS"Stool Pigeon"(12"/Ext.Club Version By Boris
Dlugosch & Michi Lange/2002)
20)PATSY GALLANT"Sugar Daddy"(12"/Disco Version/1976)
21)LISA STANFIELD"The Line"(12"/Hippi Torales Mix/1997)
22)CRASH COURSE OF SCIENCE"Flying Turns"(2xLP/V.A./"The Minimal Wave Tapes
Volume 1"/Originally1981/StonesThrow)
23)ADAMSKI Feat SEAL"Killer 2005"(12"/Marcelo Castelli Remix)
24)THE BLACKBYRDS"Gut Level"(LP/"Nightgrooves"/1978/Fantasy)
25)PLUS 1"Dot"(EP/"Over"/KoaxRecordings)

Keep The Spirit Alive!!!