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1)JOHN CARPENTERS"The End(Assault On Precinct 13)"(12"/New Scratch-Mix/
2)CLASSIX NOUVEAUX"The End...Or The Beginning?"(12"/Long Version/1982)
3)DEEP END FeatMIMI JOHNSON"Your Love Is Pain"(12"/Efno Mix/1994/HottRecords)
4)CLAUDE FRANCOIS"Alexandrie Alexandra"(7"/1978)
5)ABC"Tears Are Not Enough"(7"-Version/1981)
6)HOT CHOCOLATE"You Sexy Thing"(12"/Extended Replay Mix By Ben Liebrand/1987)
7)MICHAEL JACKSON"You Cant Win"(2xLP/V.A./OST/"The Wiz"/1978)
8)DEEE-LITE"What Is Love?"(12"/Holographic Goatee Mix/1990)
9)ALTON McLAIN & DESTINY"It Must Be Love"(9xCD/V.A./"The Hot Classics Limited
Edition Box Set"/Mix By Stephen L.Freeman)
10)LOPAZZ"The Fact"(5xEP/V.A./"5 Years Of Get Physical"/2007)
11)CHRISTIAN DEATH"Figurative Theatre"(LP/"The Iron Mask"/Cleopatra/PictureDisc)
12)PETER MOESSERS MUSIC"High"(7"/1977)
13)WIRED"To The Beat Of The Drum"(LP/V.A./"The History Of The House Sound Of
Chicago Volume 9"/On The Burn Mix/BCM)
14)SIMON BAKER"Spinner"(12"/Sians Childhood Remix/Infant)
15)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Spellbound"(2xEP/Extended 12" Mix/AlteredImage)

17)LINDA CLIFFORD"Ill Keep On Loving You"(LP/1981)
18)LENNY WILLIAMS"Please Dont Tempt Me"(LP/"Choosing You"/1977/ABC)
19)MARC ALMOND"Contempt"(LP/"Stories Of Johnny"/1985/SomeBizzare)
20)AND ONE"Second Front"(LP/"Anguish"/1991/Machinery)
21)TODD TERJE"Eurodans"(12"/FullPupp)
22)KLINIK"Someone Somewhere"(LP/"From Klinik To Xio")
23)THE INVICIBLE SPIRIT"Incident"(LP/V.A./"German Mystic Sound Sampler
Volume 1"/Originallly1990/Zillo)
24)MUSICMARKERS LTD"Havah Nagilah"(12"/Long Version/1978/Vendette)
25)THE SISTERS LOVE"Give Me Your Love"(Split-12"/Mr K Re-Edit/DiscoJuice)
26)SILENCE IS SEXY"This Is Our Start?"(12"/Track4/Salisbury)
27)TYRELL CORPORATION"Running"(12"/Turn In Tune Out Drop Out/1990/Abfahrt)
28)KILL MEMORY TRASH"Crash V8"(LP/"American Automatic"/2005/Ghostly)
29)OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS"Radiance"(2xLP/V.A./"The Minimal Wave Sampler
Volume 1"/Originally1982)