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Get On Up

Herstory: Eliane Radigue; Music Special about Kelli Hand

Herstory: Eliane Radigue (*1932)
Eliane Radigue is the only French female electronic music composer of her generation. She started her work in the 1950s and her first creations were presented in the late 1960s. Until 2000 her work was almost exclusively created on a single synthesizer, the ARP 2500 modular system and tape. She can be considered to be a pioneer of electronic music and of minimal music as well.

Herstory Eliane Radigue (*1932)
Sie  arbeitet seit den den 50er Jahren als Komponistin Elektronischer Musik und gilt auch als Wegbereiterin der Minimal Music. So komponiert und produziert sie mit Tonbändern und einem ARP 2500 Modularsystem ihre minimalistischen elektronischen Stücke. 



Kelli Hand
(Aliases: K-Hand, Gorsch, By Kely, Etat Solide, Gorsch, KMH, Messenger, Queen Mecca)


"Hand bears no stopping. Don’t think of Kelli Hand as just another Detroit-based PRODUCER, REMIXER OR DJ. In the electronic music community, few DJs and producers have proven real staying power. Some explode onto the scene then fade into obscurity. Kelli Hand, or simply “K Hand,” continues to maintain as a true player throughout from her now two-decade and counting career. Hand’s exposure to early Detroit electronic music came via radio mix shows, resident DJ in Detroit for over two years, and recommendations from friends. She is part of the community that birthed techno and experienced the house scene firsthand, frequenting New York spots during the “Paradise Garage” era. Hand began DJing and producing tracks, and was the first women attempting to break into the male-dominated genre worldwide, secures gigs and performances having audiences wanting more. Her ability to move seamlessly from house to techno awes many securing her DJ status. Today more success came Hand’s way as a producer and remixer. From the Ananda Project to her own releases, producing countless tracks of techno and house music available through Beatport and itunes, just to name a few. The formation of her label, Acacia Records (House), Gorsch Detroit (Techno), broke new ground, and the labels remains one of the few labels headed by a woman. The beauty of Kelli Hand is that she refuses to settle for anything less than the best." (Resident Advisor/ Adriel Thornton)

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1) Eliane Radigue - Kyema
2) Eliane Radigue - Onward 9,5
3) Michelle Owen - Swing It
4) K-Hand - Cpop (Original Mix)
5) Aaron-Carl - Hateful (K-Hand Radio Vox Dub)
6) K. Hand - Get On Up (Original Mix)
7) Kelli Hand - Hey You Want (Original Mix)
8) Kelli Hand - Reaction (Original Mix)
9) Kelli Hand - Fountain (Original Mix)
10) K-Hand - Numbers (Original Mix)
11) Gorsch - Conductor