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Roots Edition

Roots Singers with Music from the 70s, 80s and 90s

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Johnny Osbourne- Purify Your Heart (Trojan Roots Box Set/Trojan)
Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape (20 Massive Hits/Rhino Records)
Michael Prophet - Turn Me Loose (Serious Reasoning/Island Records)
Wayne Jarrett - Bubble Up (Showcase Vol1/Wackies)
Barry Brown - Down In A Babylon (Far East/Channel One Records)
Johnny Osbourne - Children Are Crying (Truths And Rights/Heartbeat (in-akustik))
Johnny Clarke - Blood Dunza (20 Massive Hits/Rhino Records)
Michael Prophet - Conscious Man (Serious Reasoning/Island Records)
Winston Jarrett - Spanish Town Road (Rite Sound Reggae Story/Blue Moon)
Barry Brown - Run Wicked Man (Far East/Channel One Records)
Johnny Clarke - Poor Marcus (Don't Rouble Trouble/Attack Records)
Johnny Osbourne - Truths and Rights (extended mix) (Truths And Rights/Heartbeat (in-akustik))
Johnny Clarke - King Of The Arena (20 Massive Hits/Rhino Records)
Michael Prophet- Love&Unity (12"version) (Serious Reasoning/Island Records)
Brry Brown - So Jah Jah Say (Far East/Channel One Records)
Johnny Osbourne - Can't Buy Love/Swing Easy (with the Soul Vendors) (Truths And Rights/ Heartbeat)
Johnny Clarke - You Better Try (Reggae Archives/Icus Records)
Johnny Osbourne - Chain Grabber (King Jamm's The Rhythm King/Jammy's records)
Johnny Osbourne - Nyah Man (Trjan Roots Box Set/ Trojan)