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Roots Edition

2 living legends with new releases

Denroy Morgan: Link Up to Ethiopia
Earl Sixtee: The Fittest

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Revelation Come To Past
The Words Of The Most High
All To Sing
Around The World
Link Up
The Blessing Of Christ (Interlude)
Read Your Bible
The Rasta Man Is Coming
God Is In Man Feat. Gramps And Peter Morgan
It's My Time Feat. Peter And Mojo Morgan
What Can I Do For You Feat. Toots And The Maytals And Peter Morgan
The Peace Prayer Feat. The Chilites
All songs by Denroy Morgan taken from the album "Link Up To Ethiopia" released on ASAPH / VP Records
Rise Up
Modern Slavery
Sinner Man
This Yah Business
Stay Together
Big Car
Fittest of the Fittest
All songs by Earl Sixteen taken from the album "The Fittest" released on Jahsolidrock