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Roots Edition

Ossie Dellimore: tracks from the album´s Reggae Music and Freedom´s Journal plus "Gone So Far" from this year

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

The Secret To Success
Success Dub
Reggae Music
How Come?
How Come Dub
Hold On Tight
Caribbean and American
Old Time Something
Keep the Faith
Global Warming
Scadal Mongerer
Scandal Dub
All racks by Ossie Dellimore taken from the alum "Reggae Music" released on Massagana Music
Gone so far by Ossie Dellimore single track released on Massagana Music
The System
Time Has Come
To The Limit
Rocker Reggae
Got To Be Free
Downpresser Man
All traks by Ossie Dellimore taken from the album "Freedom´s Journal" released on Massagana Music