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NOW ITS DARK JUNE IV (21st/22nd 2011)


Tape One Playlist:

Z`EV "Outwaard I" (Ep/2007)
Greater Than One "Techno Golden Beat" (12")
Susumu Yokota "Tears of a Poet" (2Lp/"Grinning Cat"/2001)
Travor Jones "Blood Mare" (Ost/"Angel Heart"/1987)
Black Sun "When the cocoon is finished the Spider watches the Victim: His Artwork is done" °
Nurse With Wound "Cold" (Lp/"Thunder Perfect Mind")
ORB "Outlands" (Lp/"Adventures beyound the Ultraworld"/1991)
Rosa Mundi "The Snow Man" °
Midge Ure & Mick Karn "Textures" (12"/1983)
Dj Marcelle "Delaware/Mzingili" (excerpt)
Coil "Theme from Blue II" °
Kirlian Camera "Vienna" (Lp/"Todesengel"/89/91)

Tape One Bloodside:

Premature Ejaculation "Blood and Iron II"
Goblin "Patrick M1 + M32-35" (Ost/1977)
Bondarenko: The Lost Days
Carter, Tutti, Lacey "Invisible Spectrum" (Ost/"Elemental 7"/1984)
Antoine De Saint/Oskar Werner "Exupery - Hymne auf die Stille" (excerpt)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Karn Evil 9 - 3rd Impression" (Lp/1973)
Outtake from "Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer" (Ost/1991)
Übung für Rheuma - Patienten I
Sleep Chamber "Babes on Babylon" (best of/1998)
Shitcluster (Ep/Bunker 3073)
Luzzi Baierl "Das Glück is a Vogerl" (7"/excerpt)
The Great Ziegfield "A circus must be .../Telefhone Scene" (Ost/1936)
The Residents "Blue Tongues"
Goblin "Suspiria" (Ost/Maintitle/1977)

Tape Two Playlist:

Christian Vogel "Arctic Wolfman" (2Ep/"Station55"/2005)
Zojer, Vivenz, Tielsch "Marlene" (aus "Das Verlorene Paradies)
Stephen O`Malley Z`EV "Magistral 4" (Sunn71)
Bildplatte "Registry Dumb" (Live 2005)
Dave Ball + Genesis P-Orridge "Dream" (Ost/"Decoder"/1985)
Brighter Death Now "Fourteen" (2Ep/"May all be dead")
Tool "Mantra/Schism" (Lp/"Lateralus")
Susumu Yokota "Lost Child" (2Lp/"Grinning Cat"/2001)
The Legendary Pink Dots "Jungle" (Lp/"The Lovers"/1984)


The Great Ziegfield - Final Curtain (Ost/1936)
ON "Ontro/to fool me after this song" (Lp/Promo/2010)

° from "The World Ended A Long Time Ago" a tribute to John Balance and Coil

Now its Dark by Sirius + Darktunes
Elevatormusicprograms by d.Tuner

Show will start at midnight and run till 3 oclock morning
To listen live only:
Ukw 94,0 Mhz Kabel 92,7

This week events:

24.6. Zerpuppen 4. akt performence by Christoph Vivenz
Dj Sirius + Darktunes Wien 1060 Linke Wienzeile 42/1/3

25.6. FRISCO DISCO Dj Johnny Yen & The Giorgios, Paul Raal
Sirius + Darktunes Schikaneder Wien 4 Margaretenstrasse 24

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