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NOW ITS DARK RADIO Aug I 9.8.2011 midnight

A TOUCH OF AB-STIEG.A kind.of.Musikuntergrund by Sirius&Darktunes

to listen only live ukw 94.0 stream

**programm moved to 9.8.2011!!

0)LIGHT ASYLUM "Angel Tounge" (Demo/Promo)
1)CORTEX"Flowers Of Evil"(LP/V.A./"A Tribute To Flexi

Pop 8")

2)THOMPSON TWINS"In The Name Of Love"(12"/Dance Extension/


3)ROXY MUSIC"The Bogus Man"(LP/"For Your Pleasure"/1973)

4)COLUMBA CARINA"New York Nightmoodz"(2xEP/"Deep Flight"/


5)GOUTS DE LUXE"Last Train"(LP/V.A./"A Nurse Called Mike"/1-11)

6)RISK RISK"Streetwalk"(LP/"This Is 1983"/2011/Astrochicken)

7)PORTRAIT BIZARRE"The Invitation"(LP/V.A./"A Nurse Called Mike"/1-11)

8)TOTAL COELO"I Eat Cannibals"(12"/Extended Version/1983)

9)TOYAH"Street Addict"(12"/1981/Safari)

10)TIK & TOK"Show Me Something Real"(LP/"Intolerance"/1984/Survival)

11)TARA CROSS"Tempus Fugit"(LP/V.A./"The Found Tapes North

America 1981-87"/MW009)

12)MARTIAN CANTEREL"Secret Stories"(LP/"You Today"/2011/


13)ULTRAVOX"Ascent On Youth/The Ascent"(LP/"Rage In Eden"/1981)

14)PROPAGANDA"The Chase"(LP/"A Secret Wish"/1985/ZTT/GreyVinyl)

15)SIMPLE MINDS"Twist/Run/Repulsion"(LP/"Empires And Dance"/1980)

15a) THE CURE "Splintered in her head" (4xLP/"Join The Dots"/1981/Fiction)

15b) FRIEDER BUTZMANN "Waschsalon Berlin" (2xLP/"Verschwende deine Jugend"/1979/ata tak)

15c) GLUTAMAT "Napalm" (LP/"Unsicherer Auswurf"/2007)

15d) UNUR "You always remember your worst" (MC/"Anywhere"/2010/Moderntapes)

16)CLAUDIA ASHLEY"CEst La Vie"(12"/Part 1&2/1977/London)

17)TUXEDOMOON"New Machine"(EP/"No Tears"/Originally1978/


18)AREA CODE 212"Daddy"(LP/"Extensions From..."/1979/


19)ANGIE BEE"Plastic Doll"(7"/1979)

20)GATO BARBIERI"Theme From Firepower"(LP/"Euphoria"/


21)INDEEP"Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"(LP/V.A./"After

Dark"/Mirage Remix/ItaliansDoItBetter)

22)JOHAN S"From The Underground"(EP/"The Dynamic Cutz

Volume 5"/UndergroundVibe)

23)DIE PERLEN"Namenlos"(LP/"Telektroponk!"/2006)

24)DEEP SWING Presents TONEY JONES"Across The Land(Spread

Love)"(2x12"/Lou´s Club Vocal Mix/SoulShine)

25)SIXTEENS"Figurative Characters"(LP/V.A./"How To Destroy

The Universe Part 5"/2006/Mobilization)

26)"One Luv"(EP/V.A./AboutMusicEntertainment)

27)IVAN MATIAS"Ive Had Enough"(2x12"/Fathers Of Sound

Vocal Mix/1993/FirstAvenue)

28) SEESSELBERG "Phönix" (promo/1972)