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Sendung vom 07.09.2011 0:00:

NOW ITS DARK RADIO SEP I (6th/7th 2011)

Special dj MALDOROR (CrazyHospital)

DER LETZTE SCHREI & NOW IT'S DARK, Doppelsendung vom 06.09.11 online:

PLAYLIST (Maldoror):

Catherine Wheel, Kill Rhythm

Radiohead, Idioteque

Lydia Lunch & Minox, U Turn (Single Homage)

In Camera, Die Laughing

Catherine Wheel, Crank

Last Dance, Malignant Love

Marilyn Manson, Big White World

Mono, You Are There pt.1

Mogwai, Rage Man

Umekichi, Iso Bushi

Tindersticks, Can We Start Again

Umekichi, Samisen Boogie Woogie

Ditto Destroyer, Old Castles (remix)

Band of Susans, Now Is Now

Maldorors Schnurren/David Bowie, Leon Takes Us Outside/Outside

Faith & The Muse, Sovereign

This Mortal Coil, Late Night

The Jesus & Mary Chain, Taste The Floor

2vm, PP

You Guys Don’t Exist, Psychodisco

Ballet Mecanique, An Attempt Of Interruption

Ballet Mecanique, Lied

Kate Bush, Aeriel/Prologue

Bene Gesserit, Tonight

Toyah, I Wanna Be Free

Kate Bush, Bertie

Jeff Buckley, Eternal Life (live, Mystery White Boy)

The Bulgarian Voices; Fly, Fly My Sadness