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Mutual Core

Herstory on Maggi Payne. Studio Guest viennese technologist/ teacher/artist/aktivist Stefanie Wuschitz who founded MZ Baltazars Laboratory

Language: German
Music: International

>> Herstory – Female Precursor of Electronic Music:
5 Minutes on Maggi Payne. An US based composer, flutist, video artist, recording engineer/editor, historical remastering engineer. She createselectro acoustic, instrumental, and vocal works and works involving visuals (video, dance, film, slides).

>> Our Guest, Stefanie Wuschitz, is a technologist, teacher and artist who uses interactive technologies to build mobile sound and video installations. Her site-specific work invites users to experiment and play, encouraging the construction of unique social and collaborative spaces. In order to establish a network of women artists working with electronics and digital media she founded Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory. Working on her doctorate at the Visual Cultures Unit of Vienna’s Technical University, her research focuses on interactive public art produced by women artists.
Stefanie WUSCHITZ - On women artists in the world of open-source technologies @ TEDx Bratislava

>> Music amongst others from Ana Threat, Bjork, Emika and some interresting Ladyz from the 2011 RBMA

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1) Maggie Payne – Flights of Fancy (1985) - Composed Ed Tannenbaum's video performance at SIGGRAPH '85
2) Maggie Payne – Gamelan (1984) – Composed for Ed Tannenbaum's Technological Feets
3) Maggie Payne – ReCycle (2004) – Women take back the noise compilation CD, Ubuibi 2006

4) Jools Hunter – One Miss To Fear http://joolshunter.com/

5) Fieldrecording "Schwedischen Sennerinnen" 1950er – A) Fårlock B) Getlock C) Kalvlock

6) Björk – Virus – Biophilia 2011 http://bjork.com/

7) Ana Helder – Complicado – Comeme EP0008 2011 http://www.myspace.com/anahelder

8) Heidi Mortenson – Shakin all over – Run For Covers 1 2011 http://www.nosnetrom.net/

9) Ana Threat - Broken Heel Island – Broken Heel Island 2011 http://www.myspace.com/anathreatxxx