Ends & Entries

Ends & Entries

Sound pieces about five european cities - curated by Radio Grenouille (Marseille)

Ends & Entries are fifteen 7-minutes sound pieces specially made for the radio by international sound artists about five cities: Liverpool, Marseille, Gdansk, Napoli and Istanbul, as part of the 'Cities on the edge' partnership. The project is curated by Radio Grenouille, a cultural radio station in Marseille, in the frame of its residency in Liverpool'08 at the end of November 2008.

The project is about the cities. All these cities are "ends" and "entries" of Europe, big ports, with a long history, more open to the international side than integrated to their own countries, of mixed population, industrial cities on decline that tend to take a second breath with culture.
It was decided to work on traditional music, food ('cuisine'), and migration; how music and food are cultural markers of identity; two things that we all "carry" with ourselves and share or mix with whatever we find in the place we are.

In each city, artists who live or work there deal with the subject and present their own perception of the city through the chosen thematics using their own expressivity through sound.

Artists are Krzysztof Topolski aka Arszyn, Adam Witkowski and Wojciech Kucharczyk for Gdansk; Chris Watson, Alan Dunn and Vergil Sharkya’ for Liverpool; Chantal Dumas, Laure Maternati and Thomas Lippens for Marseille; Burcin Elmas, Deniz Kologlu and Batur Sönmez for Istanbul; Roberto Paci Dalò, Olivier Féraud and Soundbarrier Collective for Napoli.

The works will be broadcast in a whole from 17 to 23 November on Radio Grenouille in Marseille and Açik Radyo in Istanbul, and partly on National Radio Gdansk and BBC Liverpool. Some of the radio stations of the Radia Network (www.radia.fm) will also broadcast the whole series: Rádio Zero (Lisboa), SounDart Radio (Dartington, UK), free103point9 (New York City), Radio Corax (Halle, DE), Radio X (Frankfurt), Radio Campus (Brussels), Orange (Vienna). The works will also be available on podcast from Radio Grenouille website.

Contact: Etienne Noiseau http://www.beaubruit.net
Radio Grenouille http://www.grenouille888.org
Vergangene Sendungen
21.11.2008, 19:00 - 19:10 : 7 POINTS OF VIEW ABOUT NAPLES (BECOMING TO THE SEA)
21.11.2008, 14:10 - 14:20 : MARRIT CANTAÏRE
20.11.2008, 17:30 - 17:40 : L’ISTANBUL EN MOI / BENDEKI İSTANBUL
20.11.2008, 15:30 - 15:40 : WITH THE OLD BLECHTROMMEL
19.11.2008, 16:00 - 16:10 : ISTANBUL IN SYNC