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Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

(1) Moacir Santos; AMPHIBIOUS; (03:23) album: Saudade, Blue note (1974)
(2) Betty Carter; WE TRIED; (05:52) album: Betty Carter, Bet-Car Productions (1976)
(3) Stone Aliance feat. Marcio Montarroyo; RUA DA BOA HORA; (04:45) album: Stone Aliance feat. Marcio Montarroyo, PM Records (1977)
(4) Richard Davis feat. Dolly Hirota; DO A DOG A FAVOR; (03:14) (1980)
(5) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; A CHANT FOR BU; (08:35) album: Buhaina, Prestige (1973)
(6) Andy Bey; I KNOW THIS LOVE CAN'T BE WRONG; (04:11) album: Experience and Judgment, Atlantic (1974)
(7) Maria Joao Quintet; CLOSED SYSTEM; (07:19) album: Conversa, Nabel (1986)
(8) Unity; TRANSCENDENTAL LULLABY; (06:48) album: Blow Thru Your Mind, E.P.I. Records (1974) re-issued on Universal Sound (2001)
(9) Listen feat. Mel Martin; AURAL HALLUCINATION; (06:12) album: Listen feat. Mel Martin, Inner City Records (1977)
(10) Hugo Heredia; HAVE YOU MET MISS ...?; (09:20) album: Mananita Pampera, Cote d’Azur (1976)