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September I

mind body soul

sirius&darktunes present the history in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

0)The Bridge"Driven"
01)XTR human"monitor" eventpromo Vanity Vague 6-9-fluc
1)C´HANTAL"The Realm"(12"/Wild Club Remix/Powertraxx-BCM)

2)VOGGUE"Dancing The Night Away"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

3)JAMIE PRINCIPLE"Scream"(12"/Remix By Stonebridge/1990/Swemix)

4)WOMAN SPEAKING FRENCH"Bella Lugosi I Est Chic"

5)MOBY"Hymn"(12"/I Believe/1994/Mute)

6)ZARKOFF"Kome Ide Sila"

7)DISCO MADE IN ISRAEL(LP/Medley Part 1/1978)

8)CHANTELLE"Make Me Believe In You"(12"/Long Vocal Version)

9)HUMANS"Change"(LP/"Happy Hour"/1981/IRS)

10)ADAM STILSON"Prepared That We Are Alone"(2xLP/VA/"The Scrap Mag"/TSM004)

11)SELOFAN(LP/Track A5/2012/Fabrika)

12)JUNIOR VASQUEZ Presents VERNESSA MITCHELL"Reap(What You Sow)"(2x12"/Paolo´s Late Night Dub/


13)LOWER SYNTH DEPT."Automatic Electric"(LP/"Plastermould"/2012/GeneticMusic)

14)THE BOLLOCK BROTHERS"Mistress Of The Macabre"(LP/"The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse"/1985/Charly)

15)CARRIE LUCAS"Keep Smilin´"*

16)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Love In A Void"(LP/"Once Upon A Time...The Singles"/Originally1979)

17)BARRABAS"Wild Safari"(Extended)

18)NEGROCAN"Cada Vez"(12"/Jerry Roperos Avantgarde Rmx./2000/SwingCity)

19)B-SIDES"Reforced"(Dance Mix)

20)FUNKAPOLITAN"As Time Goes By"(12"/Long Version/1981/London)

21)X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND"Qual"(12"-Remix)


23)DONNA SUMMER"Remembered: One Of A Kind"

24)THE GAP-BAND"Shake"(LP/"Gap Gold-The Best Of..."/1979/TotalExperience)

25)PLAY DEAD"Introduction"

26)TIMMY THOMAS"Why Can´t We Live Together"(LP/VA/Remix/C.S.Tm)

27)ADAM ANT"Friend Or Foe"(Magnum´s Extended Mix)

28)SILVER CONVENTION"Telegram"(7"-Version/1977/Jupiter)