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Feb IV

Never See Daylight Again

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)MOTEL SOUNDS”Cruising”
2)AMANDA LEAR”Fabulous(Lover Love Me)”(LP/”Diamonds For Breakfast”/1980)
3)HERMAN KELLY & LIFE”Dance To The Drummer´s Beat”(Split-12”/Original Mix/1978)
4)BLAK BEAT NIKS”Now I Know”(12”/The Don´s Crash Dub/1995/VibeMusic)
5)TAVARES”Don´t Take Away The Music”(Edited Extended Rework)
6)B-MOVIE”Scare Some Life Into Me”(12”/Long Version/1982/SomeBizzare)
7)VISAGE”Seven Deadly Sins”(Extended Part II/2015)
8)DAVID BOWIE”Scream Like A Baby”(LP/”Scary Monsters And Super Creeps”/1980)
9)NOEL”Dancing Is Dangerous”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
10)BOYTRONIC”Recycled”(LP/”The Working Model”/1983)
12)HONGKONG SYNDIKAT”Berlin”(12”/B-Version/1984)
13)DAVID BOWIE”I Can´t Give Everything Away”(LP/”Blackstar”/2015)
14)P1e”Dependance”(LP/OST/”Kalt wie Eis”/1981/Reflektor)
15)SILVER CONVENTION”Fly Robin Fly”(Boosted Ext.Mix)
16)ZONG”Ugly World”(12”/DJ-Radio Edit/1988/ZYX)
17)FONDA RAE”Touch Me”(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
18)INNER CITY”Follow Your Heart”(LP+Bonus/”Praise”/Reese Vocal Mix/1992)
19)STEVIE WONDER”Another Star”(Ext.Regroove Mean Fiddler)
20)2 PUERTO RICANS A BLACKMAN AND A DOMINICAN”Do It Properly”(LP/VA/”The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago Vol.9”/Def Mix/DJ-Int.-BCM)
21)LOVE & KISSES”Beauty And The Beast”(GlennRiveraVideoMix)
22)THE LOOK Ft.FRANKLIN FUENTES”March”(12”/Rave Tip Mix/SexyRecords)
23)CHARISMA”Magnifique”(DJ Cole Pumped Edit)
24)BARBARA TUCKER/THE DON”Everybody Dance”(12”/Club Asylum Remix/1998/StrictlyRhythm)
25)WERNER KARLOFF”Verloren”(Promo/Young&Cold)