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Got to give up

The History of Dancemusic
event: Abstieg 11.11. Marea Alta Gumpendorferstr. 28 / wien

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)MARVIN GAYE"Got To Give Up"(Giga Mesh Edit)
2)DEPECHE MODE"New Life"(Lp/"Live At Crocs"/1981/Bootleg)
3)FRUSTRATION"Too Many Questions"(2xLp/VA/"Poisoned Dead Frogs"/2008/Manic Depression)
4)SOLITAIREN EFFEKTEN"Kleines Astronautenmädchen"(10"/2010/Enfant Terrible)
5)TRANSLUCENT"Closer"(Nervous Rec.)
6)SPLIT ENZ"Nobody Takes Me Seriously"(Lp/"True Colours"/1980)
7)BELLE EPOQUE"Black Is Black"(Integrale Version)
8)SOFT CELL"Baby Doll"(Lp+12"/"The Art Of Falling Apart"/1983/Some Bizzare)
9)JUSTIN FAUST"Woman Beat Their Men"(Nervous Rec.)
10)SIOXSIE AND THE BANSHEES"This Town Ain`t Big Enough For The Both Of Us"(Lp/"Through The Looking Glass"/1987)
11)CHILLY"For Your Love"(Re-edit)
12)YELLO"Vicious Games"(12"/Vicious Remix/1986)
14)THE SUBJECTS"World Of God"(12"/Televangelist Club Mix/1990/2 World)
15)RITUAL"Mind Disease"(Lp/VA/"In Goth Daze"/Cherry Red)
16)POLIGAM"Kalt"(Mc/VA/1982/Dum Dum Rec.)
17)ALDO BERGAMACHINE"Ice Sun"(2xLp/VA/"Synth Planet"/2010)
18)LOVE UNL: ORCHESTRA"High Steppin Hip Dressin Fella"(Ext. Rework)
19)TOYAH"Rebel Run"(12"/1983/Safari)
20)PROPAGANDA"The Chase"(Tiger Jones Good Night Mix)
21)ULTRAVOX"Reap The Wild Wind"(12"/VA/Ext. Edit By Frank Schmidt/Disconet)
22)CAR RAPES DOG"Mad MAN"(2xLp/"Schizophrenia"/1994/Kk)
23)TWO LONE SWORSMEN"Sex Beat"(12"/Vocal/2004/Warp)
24)DONNA SUMMER"Faster&Faster To Nowhere"(Rmx/2012)
25)TONE BAND"Germany Calling"(12"/Special Maxi Version/81)
27)YELLO"Angel No"(Lp/"Stella"/1985)
28)BRANDI WELLS"Watch Out"(12"/Original Version)
29)YUKIUIRO TAKAHASHI"All You´ve Got To Do"(Lp/"What Me Worry?"/1982/Alfa)
30)DIAFRAMMA"Pioggia"(2xLp/VA/"New Wave Italiana"/Spittle)
31)VICE SQUAD"Scarred For Life"(Lp/"Last Rockers"/Abstract)
32)SPIZZENERGI"Soldier Soldier"/1979)