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Sendung vom 05.03.2017 11:00:

Episode 44: The Myth of Tokyo's P.S.F. Records

In tribute to the legendary Japanese label.

This week saw the passing of Hideo Ikeezumi (生悦住英夫), founder of the legendary P.S.F. Records label from Tokyo. Combining the heavy acid of Japan's psych rock underground (the label's name actually came from the first release, Psychedelic Speed Freaks, by acid power trio High Rise) with free improvisation, the depth of darkness, and avant garde poetry, the label went on to have a gigantic effect on every single person it touched. Legends from the label like Keiji Haino and Kaoru Abe continue to influence improvisers the world over.

The Modern Music record store around which the label was based closed in March 2014, and with the passing of Ikeezumi it seems like the P.S.F. tale has finally come to a close. This week I tell a bit of the story and play some of my favourite music from the label in tribute.

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