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Love Is What You Need

History Of Dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)GIOVANNI FENATI"Enchanted Garden"(Jackie Door Remix)
2)ENERGETICS"Ain´t Nothing Wrong In Going To A Disco"(LP/"Come Down To Earth"/1979)
3)MIDNIGHT RHYTHM(Jackie Door Edit)
4)EARTHA KITT"Mambo De Paree"(2xLP/"Songs"/Rca)
5)PARADOX OBSCUR"Twilight"(LP/"Artificial"/2017/Avant!)
6)INSTANT FUNK"Everybody"(12"/Mixed By Larry Levan/1980/Sal Soul)
7)DJ HELL"Suicide Commando"(Long Version/Gigolo)
8)MARTIAN FROM DETROIT"808"(EP/Surface Temperperature Mix/Red Planet)
9)LOVE PROPHECY"Wont You Be Mine"(Jackie Door Edit)
10)EVIDENCE"Explosion Of A Planet"(LP/"The Evidence"/79)
11)D C LARUE"Deep Dark Delicious Night"(Jackie Door Edit)
12)WESTBAM"Celebration"(LP/"A Practising Maniac At Work"/Low Spirit)
13)PARADOX OBSCUR"Ashes"(LP/"Artificial"/2017/Avant!)
14)"Do The Night Thang"(Split 12"/Pete Herbert&Dicky Trisco Edit/Deviance)
15)HUBERT LAWS"Romeo&Juliet"
16)LA BELLE"Pressure Cookin"(LP/VA/"Disco Express Vol.1")
17)BIMBO JET"Love Is What We Need"(Jackie Door Edit)
18)LIL LOUIS"French Kiss"(12"/Innocent Until Provven Guilty/1989/Ffrr)
20)JO BISSO"I Wanna Dance"(Jackie Door Edit)
21)JOHN&JULIE FT: AURIOLE"Circles"(12"/Spiral Mix/XL)
22)BONEY M"Dancing In The Streets"(Ext. Rework)
23)HUDSON PEOPLE"Trip To Your Mind"(Split 12"/LTJ Edit/Arison)
24)GREEN HILL"The Charlston"(Instrumental)