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Nov. IV

"I´m just a gigolo"

history in dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

BING CROSBY"Just A Gigolo"(Casucci/1931)
6th Burough Project"Planets"(Splt 12"/Jisco Music)
ACTORS"PTL(Post Traumatic Love)"(7"/2012)
KATE BUSH"Leave It Open"(LP/"The Dreaming"/1982)
L.A.X."All My Love"(Ext. Jimmy De Pre&Jeremy Rework)
THE HOLLYWOOD DISCO JAZZ BAND FT. THE WATERS"Don´s Place"(12"/Mixed By Bobby Martin/A&M)
HOT ICE"Under My Thumb/Street Fighting Man/Honky Tonk Woman"(LP/"Stone Disco"/1979/Radio)
JAWAD AL ALI"Yegiak Youm"
VILLAGE PEOPLE"Just A Gigolo/I Aint Got Nobody"(LP/"Macho Man"/1978)
BRUNO MARS"Uptown Funk"(Ext. Fab Mix)
VALERIE HORTON BROWN"Something´s Burning"(LP/"Walk With Me")
MARLENE DIETRICH"Just A Gigolo"(OST/1978/Version)
AMANT"If Theres Love"(GR)
LINDA CLIFFORD"One Of Those Songs"(LP+12"/"Let Me Be Your Woman"/A Jim Burgess Mix/1979/RSO)
DONNA SUMMER"Love´s U Kind"(Patrice 18 Extended)
LARGER THAN LIFE FT. DAWN TALLMAN"Be Mine"812"/Yoruba Vocal Mix/1999/Sub Urban)
CULTURE CLUB"I´ll Tumble 4 Ya"(Extended Version)
BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB"Timing, Forget The Timing"(12"/Kerrier District Remix/2004/Rephlex)
PROPAGANDA"Frozen Faces The Echo"(Extended Version)
BITS & PIECES"Soul Explosion"(12"/VA/Disco Mix/WL)
MIKO MISSION"How Old Are You"(Fab Remix)
"Your Mind"(EP/VA/"Black Aroma Vol. 2"/Twice Edit/Blend It!)