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To Pride or not to Pride: Ima izać - LGBTIAQ+ people don‘t fall from the sky

first pride marches in Bosnia-Herzegovina & North Macedonia

Ima izać – I need to come out – is the motto of rst pride march in Bosnia- Herzegovina.
Selma Kešetović aus Sarajevo und Stefan Petrovski aus Skopje im Interview .
What obstacles do they have to face, who shows support and what is most important for them to ght for while organizing the rst pride marches for LGBTIQAA+ people in their countries.
Languages: english, bks Redakteur_innen: Iva, Helga (Radio Grille)
Pride March Sarajevo / Bosnia-Herzegovina
@ bh.povorkaponosa
Pride March Skopje / North Macedonia
@ SkopjePride
donations: https://www.gofundme.com/f/skopje-pride-parade-2019
Zaim Imamović - U Bosanskom Malom Selu Azis - Sen Trope
Le Zbor & Svi za ljubav - Ljubav za sve TamaraTodevska - Proud

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