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Space Special #2

How do we live in the Future?

We attended the 61st International Astronautical Congress in Prague to present some of our work and took the opportunity to interview exhibitors and presenters for our research project: How do we live in the Future?
You are listening to an excerpt of the many interesting answers we got from different people in Prague and Vienna.

Interviews a.o. with Lynn and Jim Burke (‚Senator‘ of the Moon), Dieter Sabath (DLR), Mark Comninos (Marcom Aeronautics & Space), Regina Peldszus (ESA); Jim Hope (NASA HQ); Paivi Jukola (Aalta University Finland); Piero Messina (ESA); David Finkel (United Space Alliance); Maria Antonietta Perino (Thales Alenia Spazio); Gennaro Russo (CIRA); Thomas Omsen (VEGA); Fred J. Bourgeois (Team FREDNET); Jim Volp (Space Applications Services); Harald Posch (FFG); Olga Bannova (SICSA); Pete Swan (Futurist)

A radio broadcast by Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger and Verena Holzgethan.



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