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House Nation

The History Of House-Music compiled by DJ SIRIUS + DARKTUNES:

1)Subliminal Aura"Try Yazz On E(Feel The Difference)"
(EP/"The Next Phase"/1990/Fourth Floor Rec.)
2)Unit Park"The Day We Painted Our303's"(12"/96/Plasticity)
3)Shady"Pearls"(12"/Club Mix/Promo/Gig)
4)10th St.Assembly"Free Me"(12"/Orig./1997/Sub Urban)
5)Patrick Richard"Odyssey"(EP/2001/Silver Network)
6)Double 99"Happy 2 Be Deep"(12"/"Rip Groove"/Satellite)
7)Billie Ray Martin"Space Oasis"(12"/JNR's South Beach
8)Code Red 07"Remainings 2"(12"/Track C)
9)Joey Beltram Vol.1"Energy Flash"(LP/V.A./"In Order To
Dance 2"/R&S)
10)Baby Ford"Beach Bump"(12"/Beach Bum's Version/1989/
Rhythm King)
11)M.I.C."Oobe 2"(12"/1990/Planet Pacific)
12)Presta Project"Muffled Feelings"(12"/The Disturbed Acid
Mix/1996/Strictly Rhythm)
13)Clubheroes"Nofretete Berlin"(12"/Edit/1998/Formaldehyd)
14)Nylon"Im 80.Stockwerk"(12"/2004)
15)Gusto"Disco's Revenge"(2x12"/Mariachi's Remix/Manifesto)
16)Dina Vaas"The Love I Have For You"(12"/Whipped Creem
Guacho's Remix/2002/GoBeat)
17)Alison Limerick"Put Your Faith In Me"(12"/The Faith
18)E.F.B.(Escape From Brookly)"Ecstasy Recall"(12"/Two
Guys No Acid Remix/1991)
19)DJ Dara"Possession"(12"/2000)
20)Savas Pascalidis"Discotheque"(12"/V.A./1998/Kurbel)
21)Magoria"Mutoid Waste"(12"/Tantric Tempo/1990/Swemix)
22)Wildchild Experience Presents Wildtrax Vol.3"Let Me
Tell You"(EP)
23)The Adventures Of Stevie V."Dirty Cash"(12"/Tee's In
The House Mix/1997/Club Tools/Green Vinyl)
24)Depth Charge"Dead By Dawn"(12"/1990/Vinyl Solution)
25)Ultra Nate"Get It Up"(12"/Span & Karizma Main Vocal)
26)Afrowax Presents"What Is Your Problem?"(12"/BitchNBass
27)Basement Jaxx"Get Me Off"(2x12"/Jaxx 2002 Club Mix)
28)Swag"Where I Belong"(12"/Swag's Basement Dub/2003)
29)Fade II Black"In-Sync"(12"/1990/Network)
30)Phuture"The Creator"(2xLP/V.A./"Jack Trax-The Fourth
31)Farley Jackmaster Funk"U Ain't Really House"(LP/V.A./
"Acieed Inferno Vol.2"/Acieed Mix/1989)
32)Jamie Principle"Baby Wants To Ride"(12"/Orig.V./1988)
33)Felix Da Housecat"Phamily Radical Thanx"(12"/1993/
Djax Up)
34)V.A."The Garage Mix"(2x12"/MusicFactoryMasterMixes)
35)BNC"House Ain't Givin'up"(LP/V.A./"Jack Trax-The Second
Album"/1987/Dean Anderson Mix)
Peace, Love & Unity From SIRIUS & DARKTUNES...