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Sendung vom 14.02.2004 0:00:

Roots & Dancehall Edition

Dubbing with the Syndicate

Yes, folks... we're dubbing with the Syndicate!

Style Scott and Adrian Sherwood are at it again: The Dub Syndicate has returned with an extra-hard hitting release: "No Bed Of Roses". Believe you me - that title says it all, as we are talking murder-tone bass and mind-disturbing echoes. Beware of your speakers though when you listen to this Ackee & Saltfish-special about the mighty, thunderous Dub Syndicate... this one's "no bed of roses", fi real!

* Iley Dread is back again with his second effort "Unite The People"
* Heard it through the grapevine: Michael Rose rejoins Black Uhuru!
* Introducing to you: FiWi Music's brandnew "Stanpipe"-riddim with a massive version-excursion

By the way... if you missed last show's Julian Marley-special: No badda me, as there is still the chance to go to or to - both websites are streaming it, due to popular demand!