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Roots Edition

... Hot Off The Press: Roots Music ...

Fresh Roots Reggae for your listening pleasure on this Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish - hear new album-tracks from Midnite, Chuck Fenda, Turbulence, Ras Myrhdak and Zilverzurf.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Midnite - Is Real (Rule The Time / I-Grade)
Chuck Fenda - Mother Earth (The Living Fire / Greensleeves)
Turbulence - Do Good (Do Good / Minor7Flat5)
Turbulence - I Believe (Do Good / Minor7Flat5)
Turbulence - Bright Eyes (Do Good / Minor7Flat5)
Ras Myrhdak - He Creates The World (Prince Of Fyah / Minor7Flat5)
Ras Myrhdak - Swept Away (Prince Of Fyah / Minor7Flat5)
Ras Myrhdak - Jah Is The Way (Prince Of Fyah / Minor7Flat5)
Zilverzurf - Number Two (West Eastern Impressions / Lola's World)
Zilverzurf - Contradictions (West Eastern Impressions / Lola's World)
Midnite - Love And Light (Rule The Time / I-Grade)
Midnite - Born In The Time (Rule The Time / I-Grade)
Midnite - Listen (Rule The Time / I-Grade)
Midnite - Meltout (Suns Of Atom / Fifth Son)
Midnite - His Majesty (Rule The Time / I-Grade)