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Roots & Dancehall Edition

Presented by guest-host CAMILLO TOSSOUKPE

No worries, folks! Yours truly is away for a month and will be back for the first show in June (June 12th that is).

Meanwhile, I proudly present to you Orange 94.0's very own Camillo Tossoukpe, host and producer of "Afronomad". Camillo will host both "Ackee & Saltfish"-shows in May and - believe you me - he will rock your bones with some nice selections!

So... keep skankin' and I'll talk to you again on June 12th on this very station.

Watch out for:
* Lucky Dube @ Szene Wien on June 3rd, 2004

Bless up & keep the good vibes,
Tom of Ackee & Saltfish