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Roots & Dancehall Edition

The return of the mighty Steel Pulse

Yes folks... just when everbody thought it wouldn't happen anymore: The mighty Steel Pulse have returned with an excellent new release entitled "African Holocaust". This one definetly is from the band that gave us diamond-class albums like "Handsworth Revolution" and "Tribute To The Martyrs". While on later outings Steel Pulse lost a lot of their early fans due to a more pop-oriented sound, "African Holocaust" is the real thing again - check it for yourself on this edition of Ackee & Saltfish... highly recommended release!

Second spotlight is on JAH MASON's new "Surprise Dem"-album. Although he's one of the artists with sometimes questionable lyrics, you'll probably find yourself asking "Sizzla who???" after hearing this excellent album. Watch out for this up & coming Sing-Jay!

Plus, from 1:00-2:00am:
Dancehall-Vibes galore, provided by guest-hosts and dancehall-afficionados Alfred & Andi - featuring a sneak-preview of Lady Saw's soon-to-be-released album "Strip Tease" (due in September 2004) and an exclusive interview with Mono & Nikitaman... yes, all-a-that and more on "Ackee & Saltfish"!

Austrian Massive, watch out for:
* Watatu Crew Dance @ WUK on August 16th, 2004 feat. Jah Power Sound, Baba Sound, MC King Lion Teeth, Thai Stylee, Jahson and more
* Wiesen Sunsplash from August 20th to August 21st, 2004 in Wiesen/BGLD - feat. Sean Paul, Shaggy, Patrice, Ini Kamoze, Cocoa Tea, Alpha Blondy and lots more
* Buccaneer, Bun Fire Squad, Buzzin Bashment @ Reigen on August 24th, 2004

Can't say you've never been warned, can you?