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HOUSE NATION - March Program Volume 4

HOUSE NATION - March Program Vol.4(25th/26th March 08) Now Its Dark

Some House- & TechnoClassix 2...

1)AQUA REGIA"N.Y.C. Smile On Me"(12"/Attractive Mix/1990/DFC)
2)APHRODISIAC"Song Of The Siren"(12"/Atlantic Mix/1990/NuGroove)
3)ION LUDWIG"Guagamela Incode"(12"/A/Alphahouse)
4)CIO DOR"Kimono"(EP/2007/Motoguzzi)
5)TRIBAL HOUSE"Motherland A-Fri-Ca"(2xLP/V.A./"The Sound Of Cooltempo"/Cry
Freedom Mix/1990)
6)NEIGHBOURHOOD ROMEO"Zamfir In The Sky"(EP/"Fairweather Friends"/2007/
7)ABFAHRT"Come Into My Life"(12"/S.M.I.L.E.Version/1992/Abfahrt)
8)BUTANE"The Gimp Cant Hunt"(EP/"Burger Boy"/2006/Dumb-Unit/Kompakt)
9)BUT&MEMO"Trapped"(12"/Tek Mix/Promo)
10)COBURN"Give Me Love"(12"/Original/2006/GreatStuff)

11)EGON"Send Me"(12"/2007/InitialCuts)
12)EAST WEST CONNECTION Ft.DANIEL VACCHIO"High On Life"(12"/Lexicon Avenue
For The House Heads Mix/2003/Chillifunk)
13)ELECTRIBE 101"Tell Me When The Fever Ended"(12"/Long Version/1989)
14)MARTIN EYERER & OLIVER KLEIN"Tiflis"(12"/2007/MyBestFriend)
15)ZWICKER"Monkey Mood"(2xEP/V.A./"Full Body Workout Vol.3"/2006/GeyPhysical)
16)808 STATE"Olympic"(12"/Euro Bass Mix/1990/ZTT)
17)FUNKY GREEN DOGS"Fired Up!"(2x12"/Club 69 Future Dub/1997/TwistedWorld)
18)DENNIS FERRER Ft.DANIL WRIGHT"Church Lady"(2xEP/"The World As I See It
Vol.1"/2006/King Street-Defected)
19)FREON"Da Pain Killer"(EP/"Oriane"/1996/PC-Prime Assault)
20)ELESSE Presente PYT(12")

21)BUBBLEENA"Ah Ha Ha Ha Haa"(LP/V.A./"Acid Trance"/Alright Matey Mix/1988/
22)AIR FROG"Bon Voyage"(12"/Swags Handsome Prince Remix/2001/R&S)
23)DARK LITES"Divisble Beats"(12"/1996/RedWeed)
25)DEE DANIE DEE"Ecstasy Energy"(12"/Vocal Joeys Mix/1991/NuGroove)
26)DER DRITTE RAUM"Chido Way"(12"/Jon Gaiser Fraktional Remix/2002/Resopal)
27)10 BC"Love Generator"(2xLP/V.A./"Cultural House"/1993/CulturalVibe)
28)GERIDEAU"Take A Stand For Love"(12"/The Homodustrial Factory Made Mix By
X-Press 2/1994/FFRR)
29)DJ POPE & LYNETTE SMITH"Addicted"(12"/b-sOuLs Addicted To Love Vox/2006/
30)DORAU/KOEHNCKE"Durch die Nacht"(12"/Original Mix/Kompakt)