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Roots Edition

New Release Round-Up

Ackee & Saltfish presents two crucial releases courtesy of Lustre Kings Productions - Midnite's "Infinite Quality" and Lustre Kings' own "Shining Riddim" version-offering. Plus: Introducing Rootz Movement - a fresh jamaican band; Michael Rose hits the charts again with his "Shoot Out"-track, and finally: The Morgan Heritage Family returns with their "Mission In Progress".

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Lyrical, Dainjamentalz & Jah Dan - [The Shining Riddim] Draw Fi Mi Lighter
Benjal - [The Shining Riddim] Stress You Bare
Digital Ancient - [The Shining Riddim] Shining Version
Army - [The Shining Riddim] Fruits Of The Earth
Midnite & Lustre Kings - [Infinite Quality] Grounds
Midnite & Lustre Kings - [Infinite Quality] Dem A Wonder
Midnite & Lustre Kings - [Infinite Quality] Right Here
Midnite & Lustre Kings - [Infinite Quality] Reala Law
Midnite & Lustre Kings - [Infinite Quality] Before David
Rootz Underground - [Movement] Farming
Rootz Underground - [Movement] Riverstone
Rootz Underground - [Movement] Herb Fields
Rootz Underground - [Movement] Hammer
Steel Pulse - [True Democracy] Blues Dance Raid
Morgan Heritage - [Mission In Progress] Raid Rootz Dance
Morgan Heritage - [Mission In Progress] Headline
Morgan Heritage - [Mission In Progress] Brooklyn And Jamaica
Morgan Heritage - [Mission In Progress] Politician
Morgan Heritage - [Mission In Progress] Mission In Progress
Michael Rose - [Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2008] Shoot Out