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Electric Tabou - Guest Dj Mark Splatter 19th/20th May 2009

We welcome the StarDj MARK SPLATTER from Berlin/N.Y. with a special new set+interview at NOW ITS DARK RADIO.

The playlist of Mark Splatter:

01. PIERRE CAVALLI [FR] - Un Soir Chez Norris [with exceprt from 'Slumber Party Massacre'] (LP/V.A./ "B-Music - Cross Continental Record Raid Road Trip"/2007/UK)
02. CHROMATICS [US] - Hands In The Dark (LP/V.A./"After Dark"/Italians Do It Better/2008)
03. VELVET CONDOM [DE] - Collapse In Slow Motion (CD/"Safe & Elegant"/2009)
04. INFORMER - I Don't Understand (CD/"Black Propaganda"/Pale Music Int./2009)
05. BAKERSFIELD BOOGIE BOYS - Get Off Of My Cloud [UK] (12"/"Okie from Muskogee"/1980)
06. METAL URBAIN - Panik (Instrumental) [FR] (CD/"Anarchy in Paris!"/Acute Records/2003)
07. THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Crow And A Baby [UK] (LP/"Travelouge"/Virgin/1980)
08. THE VYLLIES - Babylon [GR] (12"EP/"The Vyllies"/Creep Records/1984)
09. SOFT CELL - Seedy Films [UK] (LP/"Non Stop Erotic Cabaret"/Some Bizzare/1981)
10. PIERO UMILIANI - Notte Di Mezza Estate [IT] (CD/"OST - Svezia, Inferno E Paradiso"/1997)
11. SHRIEKBACK - My Spine Is The Bassline [UK] (12"/1982)
12. THE ROGERS SISTERS - Delayed Reaction (CD/"Purely Evil"/Troubleman Unlimited/2002)
13. SCARS - Horrorshow [UK] (7"/"Adult/ery"/Fast Product/1979)
14. MODERN ENGLISH - Life In The Gladhouse [UK] (LP/"After The Snow"/4AD/1982)
15. ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES - Bote De Colon [ES] (7"/"Otra Dimensión"/Hispavox/1981)
16. LIBIDO BLUME - In My Room (Radio Edit) [GR] (LP/"Colours Melting"/1987)
17. JOY DISASTER - Fade Away [FR] (CD/"Paranoïa"/Fake Records/2007)
18. VEIL VEIL VANISH - The Upstairs Room [US] (2xCD/V.A./"Perfect As Cats: A Tribute To The Cure"/Manimal Vinyl Records/2008)
19. MT. SIMS - The Bitten Bite Back [US] (CD/"Happily Ever After"/Hungry Eye Records/2008)
20. DETATCHMENTS - Messages [UK] (Online Single/THISISNOTANEXIT/2009)
21. BUCK 65 - Untitled [CA] (CD/V.A./"Anticon Presents: Music For The Advancement Of Hip Hop"/1999)



1)H-BOMB WHITE NOISE"Modern Destroyed"(LP/V.A./"American Gothic"/1988/
2)DIE BOESLINGE"Blede Leut"(LP/"Scheiss Polizeistaat!"/1980/HohnieRecords)
3)SCREAMING DEAD"The Creatures Of The Night"(LP/V.A./"In Goth Daze"/Anagram)
4)HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE"Pound"(LP/"In A Roman Mood"/1981/Passport)
5)FLIEHENDE STUERME"Das Chaos bruetet"(LP/"Priesthill"/2000/NixGut)
6)PSYCHIC TV"Hookah Chalice"(2xLP/"Hell Is Invisible-Heaven Is Her/E"/2008/Sweet
Nothing-GargoRecords/Yellow+Green Vinyl)
7)SPECIAL DUTIES"Judge & Jury"(LP/"The Punk Singles Collection"/CaptainOi!)
8)THE EXPLOITED"SPG"(LP/"Punks Not Dead"/TheHarryMayRecordCompany/YellowVinyl)
9)DISCIPLINE"Everywhere We Go!"(LP/V.A./"Addicted To Oi!"/CaptainOi!)
10)PLASMATICS"RockNRoll"(LP/"Coup DEtat"/1982)
11)SUZI QUATRO"Rock Hard"(LP/1980)
12)JOHN HIATT"Spy Boy"(LP/V.A./OST/"Cruising"/1980)
13)THE INSANE"El Salvador"(2xLP/V.A./"Best Of Punk 1"/DiscorderlyAnagram)
14)DAVID BOWIE"I Wish You Would"(LP/"Pinups"/1973)
15)L7"Uncle Bob"(LP/1988/Epitaph)
16)MUD"Do You Love Me/Sha La La La Lee"(LP/"Mud Rock"/1974)
17)VICIOUS RUMOURS"Runaway"(LP/"Anytime Day Or Night!"/CaptainOi!)
18)BOSSHOG"White Sand"(LP/1995)
19)OFFBEAT HEROES"Negativity"(EP/"Album Sampler"/2007)
20)COCK SPARRER"Get A Rope"(LP/"Guilty As Charged"/1994/Blitzcore)
21)ABWAERTS"Computerstaat"(2xLP/V.A./"Verschwende Deine Jugend"/Orig.1980)


22)QUENZO"Break-Out(Dont Leave Me Baby)"(7"/1984)
23)DURAN DURAN"A View To Kill"(7"/OST/1985)
24)CYBER PEOPLE"Doctor Faustus"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Italo-Disco Vol.VI"/
25)MONSSON"Ever So Lonely"(7"/1982)
26)GLASS"New Colours"(7"/1979)
28)FABIAN NESTI"Heigh Ho"(2xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Italo-Disco Vol.VI")
29)KATE BUSH"Dreamtime"(7"/Instr.Version/1982)
30)VISAGE"Im Still Searching"(12"/1982)
31)ABC"Poison Arrow"(LP/"The Lexicon Of Love"/Short Version/1982)
33)A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS"The Last Of Yuri Gagarin"(12"/1983)
34)MARC ALMOND"Burning Boats"(EP/"The House Is Haunted"/1985/SomeBizzare)
35)A SPLIT SECOND"Firewalker"(12"/1990/Animalized)
36)DIAMANDA GALAS"LHeauton Timoronumenos"(LP/"Saint Of The Pit"/1986/Mute)