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Now Its Dark April 2010/1:

NOW ITS DARK April 2010/1(6th/7th) midnight

1)FATAL ATTRACTION"Music To Be Murdered By..."/PUBLIC RELATION"Eighty Eight"/
SPACE OPERA"Mandate My Ass"/BIGOD 20"Body To Body"(LP/V.A./"Los Hijos Del Sol
Presents Ibiza Mix Numero 5"/New Beat Megamix By Mario Aldini/1989/ZYX)
2)GRACE JONES"Slave To The Rhythm"(12"/Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix/1994)
3)BLU PETER"Substance"(3xEP/"Widescreen & Digital"/1999/React)
4)TOM NEVILLE"Colouring In Robot Restroom"(12"/Promo)
5)DAPAYK & PADBERG"Black Beauty"(12"/Dapayks After Hour Edit/MosFerry)
6)SPARKS"Beat The Clock"(7"/Alternative Mix/1979)
7)SHOCK"Dream Games"(7"/1981)
8)JOHN FOXX"No-One Driving"(7"/1980)
10)DEPECHE MODE"A Pain That Im Used To"(12"/Jacques Lu Cont Remix/2005/Mute)
11)NEON"A.N.B."(LP/"Best Beats-The Singles Collection"/Instr./1989/GoBeat)

12)CAPITAL HELL"Pray"(LP/V.A./"Gothic Grimoire 2"/1996)
13)CLAUDJA BARRY"Johnny Johnny Please Come Home"(EP/Long Version/1978/
14)BYTE"Modern People"(12"/Spec.Disco Re-Mix By Rutger Kroese/1984/Catfish)
15)THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA"Car Bomb"(LP/"Blacklist"/1989/PlasticHead)
16)KILLING JOKE"Bloodsport"(LP/1980/EG)
17)KINO"(Big)Room In My Heart"(12"/Long Version/1986)
18)THE CHARLIE CALELLO ORCHESTRA"Sing Sing Sing"(LP/"Calello Serenade"/
19)TOM ANDERSON"Rock Dancing!"(12"/Club Mix/PinkGlove)
20)HUMAN PUPPETS"Misery On A Sunday"(LP/Promo)
21)BONEY M."Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night"(12"/Long V./1978)
22)KLAUS NOMI"Falling In Love Again"(LP/"Simple Man"/1982)
23)INNERVISION Ft.MELONIE DANIELS"Dont You Ever Give Up"(12"/Modu Vocal/
24)GARY NUMAN"Dark"(LP/"Exile"/1997/Eagle)
25)ALIEN SEX FIEND"Believe It Or Not"(LP/"It-The Album"/1986/Plague)
26)TIM BUKTUS BARBALLONGS"Narrenhaus"(LP/1982/Talent)
27)MARION"Ding-A-Dong"(LP/"El Bimbo"/1975)
28)HELL Ft.BRYAN FERRY"U Can Dance"(12"/Tim Goldsworthy Remix/2009/Gigolo)